Personal Shifts On New Earth: A Shift In Knowing Who The Self Is.

Personal Shifts In Early 2023: Pluto In Aquarius Is Shifting The Collective Consciousness

I have experienced moments on my Ascension Journey where personal shifts have occurred, they have both been in the physical and the kind that changes your perspective on your life. These personal shifts happen at any moment in our life and they have in my own life, I experienced another one of these shifts the second that Pluto entered Aquarius. If I experienced it, there is no doubt in my mind that many people also felt something change within themselves. Their priorities are different and they feel those changes in the areas of their life that they had ignored, which just cannot be ignored anymore. Is this paragraph starting to resonate with you? Look back and think about what has shifted for you personally since then …what have you started to focus more on. 

My personal shift focused my consciousness more on self mastery. I had began to ask myself what it was that I was still doing here and what I wanted to achieve within myself.  I realized that I was more alone than ever with the cup that is my life; the cup that has filled up to the point of overflowing. I had realized that everything and everyone around me was just a grouping of spirits that were more disconnected than what I had imagined, that I didn’t have the love and support from others like I thought that I did. I cannot believe it took me this long to realize that I wasn’t supported and loved in the way that I needed to be. It was an old high school classmate of mine that I didn’t know initially when I first made contact, but that I remembered from back then who helped me realize that I wasn’t being Soul Watered and Nourished. It has opened my eyes to the further evolution of this Michael aspect in this current incarnation. You want to be a master of self, then you have to act like a master – not a novice fool who doesn’t know their face from their ass. 

I have been silent throughout much of March 2023 and I have not felt the need to disturb the flow of my own personal experiences, they are unraveling in specific ways for reasons that my higher self does understand. The truth is that I have not been feeling the need to write about what is going on currently, which isn’t a bad thing (it just tends to happen.) I have written so much already that many already understand that New Earth is here and many people are slowly entering into it. There is only so much that I can write about. The experiences that I have outside of this website are an important aspect of the content, what I observe allows me to feel what is happening with the current ongoing ascension changes. There are enormous changes that are happening on our earth right now, which anyone can observe that is a representation of New Earth being manifested. There are many indications of this with certain people feeling new body changes happening right now, myself included since the end of 2020 and even further into 2023. The old systems are slowly dying and many are dying along with them, nothing works in the same way that it used to and since we’re in a transitionary stage nothing has replaced it yet. There is no need to go into fear with any of this, but don’t wait around for someone else to create what you want that is in alignment with you. That creation needs to come from your god like-mind and into this reality: so what is it that you want? 

Stepping Outside Of New Earth Reality: Taking A Step Into Lower Realities & Dimensions

I had to take my higher vibrating ass to Emergency on March 25th; I had not been feeling very well and have spent almost all of 2023 in a abysmal energetic state of, (where in the blank am I and why am I feeling like this at this level.) I have not been mastering myself for this entire year and so many people can resonate with this. When your getting hit, fried, and tightened by the Ascension energies it can feel like anything is going to happen to you. My worst enemy on that very day was nausea that would not go away from thyroid medication that I had been taking, that was not a problem for me up until the energies really kicked in earlier this year. I got hit bad in February 2023 and in March it lightened up and all of this is because the Solar Activity has been ramped up with this new cycle. It was so bad that a trip to emergency was what I thought I needed and towards the end of this you’ll understand why it was necessary. 

I don’t like having to take those steps into a Lower Vibrating Reality if I don’t need to and I really do try my best to not rely on people and places to understand what is going on with my body. I have stuck to my lane and always tried my best to avoid everyday normal people like the plague when-ever I am out in public, when it comes to your body and health there is no time to take any chances. If you must venture out for your own peace of mind then do it! On this day I went with my sister, and what we both witnessed was heart breaking and a complete shit show. It was like entering a different planet where everything not only feels lower, but the people are lower with a hint of some who are good and pure who just want to understand all of the changes that are going on for them. I stood in line waiting for almost two hours to see a triage nurse, one man came in having a heart attack and they kept him waiting for almost five minutes before wheeling him in. Then a woman came in not being able to breathe and one of the security guards stayed with her, the woman behind us with her husband decided to leave because of the wait time. The next people behind us we allowed them to go ahead of us because she was in agony. The people in front of us kept us entertained with their thoughts on how they thought the government was against all of humanity, which we agreed that many in government were not for the people. I don’t go into lower vibrating spaces very often and I felt myself having to co-ordinate with my higher self and create the best outcome, who was more important than me and who was the best triage nurse based on her energy. We finally got through triage.

I was immediately taken into a room where a Male doctor pretty much dismissed me and my physical experience straight off the bat, because my vitals were fine according to him. I knew he was full of shit and could not see what was in front of him, because energetically I cannot be seen by someone who is at his level. I forced him to draw my blood and check what was going on and he flat out told me that he wasn’t going to do anything with the results, he never did send it to my family physician either. In that blood sample it was clearly showing signs that I was exhibiting Hyperthyroidism, but he never noticed it because energetically he could not see it. He gave me the results and I have what I need to show my doctor what is going on, my physical body will accelerate how it functions because I am embodying. Ascension Volunteers all experience this and they know that the body changes when incoming light and codes are entering the body. How are those not currently physically Ascending going to know this and understand it, when they are not focused on anything or anyone unless it drives their ego. It has to make them look good and feel good. 

That small trip to Emergency was important and I needed to do it and go against certain people who actually didn’t want me to do it, which I had noted and I did it because I was slowly starting to master myself in a way that I never had before. I nourished and watered my soul and I tihnk for the first time in a long time. That shift was necessary and it was a first step. 

Pluto In Aquarius Shifting Collective Consciousness

Pluto in Aquarius is slowly shifting people and their consciousness and many are changing, shifting into New Earth right now. Then there are those who still do refuse to see beyond the descending timeline of old Earth. We are seeing these in the form of protesting, group work that brings awareness to certain causes. Which is great – but where are the spiritual and multidimensional aspects to these protests and group work? It isn’t being shown because it isn’t being taught. How can you learn about higher anything when you have no place to go to access the higher aspects, this is what pluto in Aquarius is gong to do. There are going to be changes in global awareness and in the minds of human beings, this is that transit where it is going to dismantle and reform the collective consciousness. 

I have experienced another small Awakening in early 2023 – I know much more about who I really am now and Pluto in Aquarius made small adjustments within my subconscious mind and brought it up to the surface. These personal shifts are important because they are making it easy for me learn about self, there is never any growth unless you can learn more about who you are. This is what it is like on New Earth and experiencing these changes is the corner stone of having a human experience, to learn about yourself and master who you are.

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