NEW Divine Feminine Lines: The New Lines Have Been Embedded Into The New Earth Blueprint.

New Divine Feminine Lines: Embedded Feminine Lines Into The New Earth Blueprint

I was very heavily involved in too much physical embodying work and I have been since about November 2022; I have written all about some of these physical changes as they happened in real time. It has not been easy to integrate as a Starseed Volunteer for the Ascension Process, but I knew that when I agreed to return back to this earth dimension for the big evolutionary shift. It would take a huge toll on my physical body – I have been so heavily focused on the physical side of my Ascension Life that I am living, that I have been out of tune with the changes that have been going on for New Earth. Which have been extensive; I have stayed slightly in tune enough to know that there are NEW Divine Feminine  Lines that have been slowly weaving themselves into the fabric of the New Earth Blueprint. 

These NEW Divine Feminine Lines are not the energies of the Divine Feminine itself, these are the lines that are weaved into the New Earth Blueprint. I have not received a visual representation about how these new coded light energies look, they will likely appear to me in time and only when these lines are re-routed into the blueprint. There is no end in sight from what I have observed in the future in regards to the Divine Feminine Mother energies coming into New Earth; this is something that all of humanity must deal with and correctly align self with as this shifts and pushes out the dying old design format. 

In March 2023; I had intuitively picked up on the fact that there were changes happening with the Etheric Lines in the Astral Realm, right above the area from where I have lived for my entire life. While it has gotten slightly lighter here, this reigion is generally an energetic junkyard where energy swirls around in. These lines in the 4thD had been removed and replaced in this area. This manifested in new ways by allowing me to awaken even more, this process completed for me at the beginning of April 2023. There has been a tremendous amount of this new downloaded information and higher awareness that has been brought to the fore front for me, which does include complete knowledge of my starseed origins and the continuation of my writing but at a different level on Energetic Earth – New Ascending World. 

I wrote an article titled: The Rewiring Of New Humans last month. In that article in the middle of March I spoke about two male Electricians that had arrived in the building that I work in, they were contracted to rewire the entire place and they were struggling because they could not get access to specific areas that they needed. Which meant they were only working with what they could based off of the access that they had, as someone who has had to go through the awakening process myself; I can tell you that it is vastly different to be completely aware and to have total access. There is no doubt in my mind that these Divine Feminine Lines are connected to the New Earth Blueprint, were weaving new codes into the new planteary design. The only issue was that the old format and design, was just not allowing the NEW to be accessed for them. This was exactly what was manifesting in March of 2023, both in the Astral Realms and on New Earth. I had experienced these NEW to me Divine Feminine Codes and I could feel that they were entering the lines into the New Earth Blueprint.  This was my experience in March 2023 at that level, now in April we are about to experience a completion of these new codes entering these lines in the blueprint. 

New Divine Feminine Lines: What Are Divine Feminine Lines?

The Divine Feminine Lines act as the wires within the New Earth Blueprint – when the NEW Divine Feminine Codes enter into the grid system of the Earth, then the old design format get’s overwritten. There seems to be a specific pattern for when these lines do, do this, as these lines are not the same ones that were running through New Earth in November. They must have been running through different sections of the New Earth blueprint, in April 2023 there are new lines that have been tapped into and in the 4D Astral Realms. I also feel that later on in the year that NEW lines will be accessed around October – December and that they will usher in NEW further transitions. Have you noticed and felt NEW areas of your life shift, then it all has to do with the new codes coming into these lines that are be accessed. 

I have not had the chance to visually see the NEW Divine Feminine Mother Codes that are responsible for all of this, but they have been accessing NEW lines within blueprint. The lines look exactly like the images that I found in this article, the same design and energetic imprint. The light codes move through these lines and certain areas will have these codes running through their geographical line, in Feburary for example: the Triunity Codes accessed the Turkey and Syria area which made massive shifts to millions of people. Those events actually changed the world and caused a slight disturbance within all of the timelines, which was the intension (to change the outcomes.) This completion will take place as we move further into April and throughout the year, I know that there are personal things that are coming to a completion within my own life as my dreams have been telling me this. Don’t forget that these new codes are NOW embedded in the Divine Feminine Lines of the New Earth Blueprint. 

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