Solar Effects On The Body Design: The Sun Is An Extension Of Who You Are At Your Core.

Solar Effects On The Body Design: The Sun Is An Extension Of You

The last time that I embodied this kind of Solar energy and felt like I do currently, was in the month of February and I never want to experience that ever again. This isn’t as bad, but it has not been a walk in the park for anyone right now either. Have you felt all of this intensity since last week? Like all things Ascension related we learn and hopefully apply all that we know about our bodies and what happens to it during these intense moments. I have not been successfully applying all that I know because all that I have been doing, has been crying my eyes out due to the intensity, due to the massive amount of changes that are taking shape for me right now in my life.

I AM not always the embodiment of that strong Starseed Ascension Volunteer; I am at the perpetual mercy of what is happening to me via the Ascension Process on a daily basis. One of the hardest lessons that I learned this week is to surrender all of what I cannot control, which has been difficult for me and really getting to the deeper emotional trauma of my fear of death. These were all brought out and felt due to where we are now, it is important to understand that the Sun is a powerful force that we need in order to sustain us. In that same breath that powerful force can also effect our body design in ways that can also destroy us. The Sun is and will always be an extension of who you are at your core and your body design. 

I have always been very open about my Physical Pains due to The Embodiment Process and as long as I live I will always be, I think full disclosure about what I am experiencing as this Michael aspect of Divine is important and as a Starseed I am wired differently. I am wired to specifically share what it is that I am doing here and why it is so important to me, I am very much like many other Starseeds and Ascension Volunteers who are here to help Humanity. More specifically; I am here to help humanity Ascend beyond the lower world realities and live on an Earth that does vibrate to a higher vibration. That they can make that Energetic Permutation within themselselves and really live beyond what they already are, which in my opinion isn’t even scratching the surface.

The build-up to this Solar Hybrid Eclipse has not been fun or easy; I know not for me and defintely not on many other people that I speak to. The whole world has gone loco bananas again and you want to know something, let it, if you have been struggling to find out why the intensity has picked up. I would bring your attention over to the fact that Solar Cycle 25 has intensified, it hasn’t even peaked yet and that should be enough to let you know that many are not handling this at all right now. Myself included and I am being tested in every sense of the word,  to the point where I can’t even go to work and have not all week long. I barely can eat; brush my teeth, change clothes, shower, (that is all out the window.) My body has felt like it has been ripped into pieces and put back together again, it has left me feeling like a former version of myself. My entire body aches; I am bruised all over. There is a specific brusing and aching just under my shoulder blades, with a slight bruising on my right calf. The energies leading up to this rare Hyprid Solar Eclipse has felt electrifying and in all new ways, I wrote an article about this last year when I noticed that it began to intensify and I will leave a link for those who want to read about it. All of this and we’re only two days away.

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The Physical Vessel Is Changing: The Sun Is Modifying Everyone’s Body Design In 2023.

I have physically changed since last year; I am the modified version of who I need to be right now at this time. There is always going to be a change in how you look and feel with every single shift that the Sun makes. There can be weight gain and or weight loss, there can be muscle gain or muscle loss. It all depends on who you are and where you are at on your journey. Those of you who are within the first three groups of volunteers, you know that we have changed from regular looking people to former versions of ourselves. We have changed and it is all due to the Ascension Changes On Our Physical Bodies

Those of you who are New Humans Of New Earth who have just activated in Janurary 2023; you are now experiencing this for the first time and all of these changes may shock you. It will surprise you because you have no idea why these sudden Molecular Permutations are taking form, it all has to do with the Solar energies on your physical body design. The physical body is designed to need the Sun, when we agree to incarnate here and on any other planet with its own Sun we are designed in such a way. Human beings are designed to need the Sun and the Sun and it’s energies effect the Human body in more ways than one. The Sun is also harmful to us and has been the cause of our many illnesses, what humans have not connected to is that the human body design is meant to embody Solar energies from our Sun. They will figure this out in the future. This is what many Ascension Volunteers have done before the general public did during the Covid-19 pandemic. Those were the first few that experienced an energy download like they never did before, only a small first group physically activated and entered New Earth this year! You are now experiencing the effects of Solar energies on your body deisgn for the first time. The sun is an extension of who you are at your core, don’t forget that as you move through this very first of Solar Eclipses as the first group of New Humans. 

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