NEW Divine Feminine Codes: The Embedded Codes Have Combined With The Divine Lines.

A Transcriber Of Light: The Embedded Light Codes Shifting Into New Humans

As has been the case for the month of April 2023, the entire world and every human on it has experienced some form of these New Energies. We also had a Solar Eclipse which was so hard to process through in our body, while our Sun has advanced in such new ways within a NEW cycle. The Divine Feminine Lines have been weaved into the new Earth Blueprint, which also have new Light Codes attached to them because we are on a whole new level than ever before. As a Transcriber Of Light Codes what I see are new frequencies of energy, that are entering New Earth as it continues to evolve beyond anything that we have ever felt or experienced before. 

As a Transcriber of Light Codes; I do not always view certain energies clairvoyantly right when they come into the Earth Stream. I do more than one job in physicality, which means that being able to pick up on these light codes won’t always happen. They usually tend to hit me or enter my frame of mind much later on, because they have had time to concretized themselves within the fabric of Earth and into people. 

When 2023 arrived with it’s NEW Triunity Frequency Codes, that felt massive on an energetic level and it changed things on New Earth like never before. That is why it has felt extremely intense throughout this entire year, because we are entering into parts unknown. It has not felt this Light since humanity existed in Ancient times where we were more connected than what we are now, the way that Light Codes work is that they are a little bit stronger than the previous ones. They function through their frequency and that helps to uplift the New Earth Reality and those groups of people who are on it, who are living in it, so that we can become the highest expression of these energies. We’re still experiencing the Triunity Frequency Light Codes, these codes are just changing as they enter the Divine Feminine Lines. What I want those of you reading to know is, no matter how these codes are called – when they get transcribed, these are always Divine Feminine Mother Codes. The different classification of Light Codes are different ways to express their vibration at an advanced layer. Nothing more and nothing less.

At the beginning of April; the New Divine Feminine Lines were wired into the New Earth Blueprint. Which just means that NEW Divine Feminine and those energies could access our earth, and there will be more of these events where the Earth Blueprint will be rewired like it was in March. I know how this sounds and while I can understand it, it can be very difficult for people to grasp just what is happening with the Rewiring of New Earth. This is one aspect of the Ascension Process that many people are NOT writing about, these important changes to the function of Earth right now and how we perceive time in the NOW moment. It is and will always be changing and people too!

New Embedded Divine Feminine Codes: New Feminine Codes Into The Feminine Lines

The New Embedded Divine Feminine Codes that I have been catching sight of via clairvoyant imaging, they look very much like the pictures that I have shared in this article. When I was shown these codes they had a blue hue to them, it was very much sparkling as well and not in the way that made them look crystal to me. When I first scanned these New codes initially, they just kept flowing into the lines and glimmering. It was interesting as I have never seen codes do this before, then again we are in the New Earth Blueprint after all. Not everything is going to look and feel the same. The shape of these codes that I am viewing are very edgy and sharp, and they are so important to the New Earth Blueprint. These codes are coming into the Earth Blueprint now so that they can be installed into the human consciousness, so that those who have entered New Earth can advance into this reality. 

In 2023; we are being pushed to the absolute limit about understanding who we are and what we are doing here. I could go on and on about the New Codes that I am perceiving, while that is an important aspect of sharing these writings it isn’t the whole picture. We are having to live and exist with New Earth who is doing thing’s very differently and we have to adapt, on a physical level especially. I have never felt so agitated within myself on a physical level, because it is sudden, and NEW that I cannot understand what I am feeling half of the time, I do not know how to process all that is happening to me and my body. There is not a new day where I am not worried or stressed out about some Energetic Commotion that is happening from within the very depths of my being. I learn how to handle it and apply it on those days that I have already felt similiar experiences, new codes or not this is the real test that we are facing. The real test is ourselves and how we handle our own individual evolution as an Energy Signature Having A Human Experience

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