The Pleiadian Download For 2023 The First Of Many As New Earth Manifests In The Hearts Of Man.

The Pleiadian Download For 2023: The Keys To New Earth Are In The Heart.

We have now passed the first stage of the 2023 eclipses; there was so much going on that it was difficult for me to even write about it in that moment when it arrived. I honestly can say that I would not have been able to for many reasons, the main one being that I was going through my own journey. I wasn’t fully capable of knowing all that I know now, and I was otherwise engaged in another timeline with another aspect of myself that needed my attention and compassionate understanding. I have been living and doing all of the work. There are many people who are not doing this work and yet somehow skate on by without falling flat on their behind.

As a Starseed and an Ascension Volunteer; I am programmed to clear my karmic past and embody new information within myself when it shows up. I cannot ignore this call to do this work and when I do I am the one that pays the price dearly because of it. We’re currently about to enter the Pleiadian Gateway for 2023, since this is my home dimension there is a lot that is coming out to me already. The further into it we get the more that you will understand the messages as they are coming into your hearts. 

This first 2023 Eclipse Period was the most intense one that I think I have ever experienced in my life; I will be starting here only because there was so much that happened energetically that it is all so connected. New codes entered the Divine Feminine Lines within the Earth Grid earlier this year, which resulted in many changes happening in the 4D Astral Realm. The changes that occurred were on an energy level, which allowed the barrier to be somewhat removed between 3D earth and 5D higher existence. I wrote about this in my first April article as I had been experiencing a new activation within myself, which resulted in a secondary awakening where I remembered consciously my specific Starseed origins in the Pleiades. I would not have been able to experience this in 2023, if there weren’t clearings that were happening just above the area where I live in the 4D Astral Realm. I have known for some time now that I had been blocked extensively in this area and that it was one of the worst areas energetically to be in, when this happened in early February 2023 for me I knew that something had changed in the dimension just above 3D physicality. I felt it!

The 4D Astral Plane: is an in-between realm that exists right when we move out of physicality and make our way into a 5D higher dimension. The 4D Astral Plane is filled with all kinds of energies, it is much like 3D Earth which still does exist because many people are still stubbornly clinging onto this Earth reality. There are all kinds of levels of consciousness residing in the 4D and that unfortunately has accumulated all kinds of chaotic energies. This early 2023 clearing of these synthesized energies has made it easier for NEW Earth to manifest quicker in the hearts and minds of man within this location.

Carriers Of Dimensional Knowledge: The First New Humans Are Remebering This Ancient Knowledge.

The Pleidian Gateway for 2023 is already starting to swirl NEW coded energies and information into our Earth, and the conscious mind of those who are willing to receive it. It is the first gateway opening since the first group of New humans has entered the Ascended Timeline, which is all exciting in of itself because this is the first group who will receive this information whether they are conscious of doing it or not. They’re the First Carriers of Dimensional Knowledge and I am excited to see how this first group manifests in physicality. 

The Earth is undergoing another modification of it’s Central Energy Function within it’s design. This energy modification is already coming into the Earth via the Pleiadians who are currently helping New Earth manifest at quicker paces than ever before, the information that I have been downloaded with so far is that there are NEW codes coming in that are circular at the tips. These circular tips are then connected with three lines criss-crossing, that extend and form six lines. In it’s full formation they are silver plasma in color and they spin and swirl much like the images that I found up above. These NEW codes are entering the gateway and into Earth and down into physicality, they will get stronger as the days come and a full perforation of this gateway takes place. The essential message that I am receiving from my home dimension is this one, the heart is the key to manifesting New Earth in the near future. Without embodying these codes from the heart you cannot manifest the NEW Earth and the light codes act as the key to access the New Earth from the heart. 

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