My Pleiadian Starseed Origins: I Came To Earth As An Ascension Volunteer To Create New Earth.

My Pleiadian Starseed Origins: An Ascension Volunteer For The Ascension Process 

In early 2023; I have quietly navigated myself through a secondary awakening, which was even more intense physically and emotionally than when I activated to begin the Ascension Process back in 2014. This started for me in early November and it still continues to untangle itself for me in many ways into May. It feels like I am experiencing myself for the very first time again, just like it had happened for me when I was physically activated in 2014. I have been in this process of modifying myself and this entire website again because I am being called to, it’ll make much more sense to those who are wondering what is going on with New Earth and what it means on a general level. 

There is another element to this secondary awakening, as it isn’t just about modifying the website and myself. This secondary awakening is part of a deeper transformation that is taking place for me, which opens everything up to share more about who I am with those who might need the guidance in the future. I am a Starseed; something that I read about before but that I never really activated to on a conscious level. This information has been activated from within my body template, I have now begun receiving downloaded information about my origins. This is so important and very big to me, there are only a few out there who are writing about the Ascension process very openly and honestly. These few are doing so by knowing that they are doing it as their true original higher dimensional self. That takes guts! I would like to think that I am one of those few who is doing this as well, by cutting through all of the bullshit and writing about what why we’re here. The creation of New Earth and holding that gateway open for humanity, there is a long road ahead and many future Ascension Volunteers and Starseeds will need the information. 

In February 2023; I experienced what I can only call a Secondary Awakening that activated new information about what my soul mission is within my body template. This activation revealed hidden information about my Starseed origins and what I am meant to do here initially as a Volunteer for the Ascension process. I have not been writing so much about the Ascension process, I am still adjusting to all of this NEW information and how to navigate myself while living out my own Ascension Process. There is current information uploaded, and if you have noticed that my articles do sound different in 2023 than this article will help clear some stuff up about why. My second activation has been beyond intense and it continues to be so, I have come online in a way that I cannot explain through my writing as of yet. The information that I am receiving is coming from my higher self and my home dimension which I will be talking about the further that I get into this article.

The Earth is currently making the evolutionary change from one age to the next and so are human beings too. This planet is not the only one going through the Ascension Process and Evolutionary Process. I’ve been aware for many years that this planet and it’s inhabitants were not the only ones experiencing this, our entire Galaxy is experiencing these evolutionary changes. Throughout this entire Galaxy there are a variety of planets, star systems, that do hold a 5D frequency and higher etc. One of these Star Systems is The Pleiades. It is from this specific Star System that we have been receiving a download of Light codes, energies, and higher information that has spread into New Earth and around the globe. This happens each year and it is an annual event, but this Star system is actually my home dimension where I do originate from. I did not initially realize that I am a Pleiadian Starseed when I activated the first time in 2014, the only thing that I remembered was that I had connections to the Pleiades and Pleiadian beings. I have certain memories of being there, but it isn’t out of the ordinary for anyone to incarnate on different planetary systems and Star clusters. Which is what I had thought initially, that I had a life experience as a Pleiadian being in the Pleiades at one point. I got it half right! 

I have been connected to The 5D Pleiadian Light Beings since my awakening in this life in 2014. I have had contact with some in this lifetime and at various time periods on Earth in other lifetimes that I have had, when they made contact with me in earlier civilizations. This isn’t anything new for me and Pleiadian beings aren’t the only Higher Dimensional beings that I have known and made contact with, there is a full listen of them that I will share later in another article that will be all about the different Starseeds and Higher Dimensional beings that I have made contact with in the physical and in the spirit/energy realms.

The downloaded information that I have received in early 2023 about who I am and my Starseed Origins is not very advanced, I was shown information about what I carry within my body and energy Template. As a Pleiadian Starseed I am part of the Pleiadians from The Pleiades Star Cluster, specifically Alcyone and we are a wonderful quaint group of higher vibing beings. Most Pleiadians range from blues to white’s and a combination. The majority do appear to come in with the typical blonde hair and are tall, but that variation is only one form as there are others. The appearance always gives a tall stature but if not, many Starseeds in a physical form are skinny as to give the appearance of being tall. There are many who have long bodies, despite being short in physical form. Pleiadians are also filled with incredible wisdom and vast Ancient Knowledge about this Earth and the Universe, we hold blueprints about advanced light technology too within our template! They have always incarnated on Earth and on other off planets as well, in order to bring harmony and peace to them as they help them to advance on an energetic level. There is a long history with this Earth and the Pleiadians were one of the first Starseeds to incarnate on Earth during it’s early history. We also came in during many Ancient Civilizations such as,: (Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, The Mayans.) There is so much more but I’ll need to do a separate article for all that I know about my high vibe family. 

Ascension Work With The P’s’: Ascension Volunteer Who Works With Earth Energy As A Mission.

I have always felt a strong connection to The Pleiades Star System and to the Pleiadians since my physical awakening in 2014. One of my Guardian Guides in this life later appeared to me a few years after and she had a blue aura all around. She was tall with long blonde hair and she had a strong wisdom about her. She is a Pleiadian friend who agreed to be one of my Higher Dimensional guides, that was assigned to help remind me of my contracted Starseed job. She isn’t the only Higher Dimensional being that has made contact with me, a being named Ashtar has made repeated telepathic contact with me earlier this year and he has also been assisting me on my Starseed mission which is to help Earth and Humanity Ascend into New Earth. 

My Pleiadian Starseed mission(s) vary and there is a list of all the thing’s that I do, as a Starseed I am contracted to write all about New Earth and the Ascension and Evolutionary Changes that are taking place right now. Another aspect of my job is to embody light and hold that light and all of this while I live out my own Ascension process. There have also been karmic issues that I have needed to work through over these early years, timelines that I have needed to close and end for good on an energy level. There have been people that I had to meet up with again and terminate soul contracts with from my earlier incarnations, because I do not intend on returning back here again and if I do it won’t be for a long period of time. There is a lot that I am doing; the most important aspect of my mission is to remember who I am and share this information on here for other Starseeds and Galactic Travelers for the future. I do not channel as I do not consider myself a channeler. All of my clairvoyant gifts are not associated with getting information from other beings, when I do make contact with higher dimensional beings it is always a very simple contact. The information is about my individual Ascension work and some of these beings I know. 

I have had Telepathic Communication with only two specific Pleiadian beings. I haven’t communicated with them in my childhood years, and neither did they make contact with me in my teens. I began telepathic communication with these two beings shortly after my physical activation in 2014. I was in my mid-to-late 20’s at the time, when they really started communicating and it wasn’t for very long periods of time. Just short spurts. These two beings and I knew one another from home dimension. One was a male and the other was a female. They never gave me messages that indicated an important message for humanity. They just made their presence known and tried to make me feel like I wasn’t alone.This sporadic connection lasted three-to-four-years after my awakening, then they left and never made contact again. 

As we move forward into the 2023 timelines; I will be sharing more articles that speak-out about the many different Starseeds that I have made contact with, their home dimensions and further information about Pleiadian Starseeds. What their Starseed mission(s) are on Earth right now, as we continue to make even further evolutionary changes into the Aquarian Age. 

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