Are You On New Earth: How Can I Tell If I’m Living Inside The New Earth Reality.

New Earth Reality: Are You Existing Within The New Earth Reality?

In early January 2023; I wrote an article about how the first wave of Humans were going to enter New Earth. In that article, I stated that the majority of people who were an energetic match with New Earth would finally enter it. The Ascension Volunteers had first created New Earth and then started to enter it at the end of 2019, the Ascension Volunteers finally got to enter the New Earth reality for the first time after decades of energetically creating it. This is the beginning of the Golden Age, despite the fact that chaos is slowly unraveling all people and circumstances.

The Second Wave of New Humans within the first group, are getting ready energetically to enter this New Earth reality and live through the heart frequency. This is happening right now as we move further into the the 2023 year, by the end of the year all of the second wave of New Humans will be activated to live within the New Earth. As we prepare for more to enter this New Earth reality, we will need to understand exactly how it feels to be fully living in it. There are ways to know and understand when you have made the energetic shift into New Earth and when you know you’re living within it. 

We’re now into June 2023; that was hard for me to type as a Starseed Ascension Volunteer and mainly because life has gotten more unreal in ways that I know only the Ascension Process could have caused. The intensity has hit a new high and for many people the only way now is to move upwards, which is why we are seeing these increased periods of bulldozing within the systems and structures of our society. Nothing works like it used to and people have to work harder to create new ways of living that they didn’t know before. The currency frequency is dying off and the systems that are in place are in continuous upheaval, thing’s always have to shift and change before they can be modified and we are in the death throes of Evolutionary Change. These outward changes that are currently looking like chaos has spread throughout the dignitaries of our Earth Realm, this is because we’re making that transition. We cannot gain anything good, if we do not lose everything we know to destruction. Those of us who have had all kinds of loss in our life we know that very well, and we have had to heal ourself beyond what we could have imagined. This New Earth is only just beginning to unfold and the more that we walk the walk, the more we can understand when we have arrived on New Earth energetically.

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New Earth Reality: How Can I Tell If I Am Living On New Earth?

The New Earth Reality is really an energy earth. I want those who are reading this article to really take that first sentence in, to really take those words in and understand it at the highest possible level. New Earth is a high energy frequency Earth that was created by Ascension Volunteers for Humans to enter into and to match. This always happens when Earth is about to enter a new age, we show up in gigantic groups and then we work on elevating the Earth frequency until the next age arrives. This time it is different because old cycles are done, New Earth is the permanent Earth and the Ascension process will continue to unravel until we have regained full conscious memories of our early life on Earth. I can sit here and write all about New Earth and this new frequency, but it’s difficult for people to know whether they have made that Energetic Shift into New Earth.

  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will find yourself living from your Heart Center much more than you ever did before.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will feel connected to the god source and energy that is all around you.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will feel connected with animals, the Earth, and to other people and care about them and their well being.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you are more able to do the internal work on yourself and recognize your own fears, faults, and use that to work on blueprint healing.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you are more willing to be in service of other people and not expect to get anything back from them.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will have a much better understanding of the self and who you are and who you are not.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will understand who you really are and this is especially important for Starseed, Galactic travelers, and their specific missions on Earth.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will understand the laws of the universe and understand the Ascension Process and those Evolutionary changes.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will be able to discern different energies and how to understand all of the deceptions, lies, and corruption within the systems of this world.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will likely experience a sudden emergence of your psychic gifts, intuition, the 5 clair gifts, and have to learn to cope with new sensitivities as a New Human.
  • When you’ve entered the New Earth reality; you will remember ancient lives within the Lemurian, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt kingdoms and Starseed connections to those advanced civilizations.

There is a lot more that I could have written in regards to the list of changes that you can experience, especially when you match that Energy Frequency of New Earth. As we move further into June 2023 and these next few weeks of it, we will be experiencing a numerous amount of collective healing and chaos. The Solar energies are going to continue to intensify, but it is up to us individually to align with these energies and to decide where we want to be. Those of you reading this who are unsure if you have stepped into the New Earth, read the list above and see if you embody and emulate all that it entails. If you have experienced one or more than most likely you are living on New Earth.

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