Evolutionary Chaos Within The Earth Realm: Pluto & The Death Of Service To Self Elitism.

Evolutionary Chaos Within The Earth Realm: Death Of Service To Self Elitism

When all of those old Ascension Cycles had ended and the Ascension Volunteers moved into New Earth in 2020, we walked out of an Earth reality that was chaotic at best and into a new one that was pushing for us to make sizable evolutionary changes. When the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction took place in early Aquarius, many of us realized that the Aquarian Age had manifested itself on New Earth. That it had finally arrived in this Earth Realm in conjunction to the Ascension Volunteers entering New Earth. When Pluto had shifted into Aquarius for the first time on March 22nd, 2023 we had begun to feel those shifts within the collective consciousness, make it possible for Earthlings (human beings) who are unaware of the Ascension process begin to experience it. 

The year 2023 will go down in history as one of the most chaotic years during Earth’s transition, with so many people unsure and all over the place with their energy. It isn’t just people it’s the systems and how they are structured, because the systems of old Earth do not work on New Earth any longer. The news is a good example of those who are getting caught and exposed for the horrific service to self habits, that they’re still pulling today while living on New Earth. This service to self elitism is coming up to the surface to be seen by all people now, we can thank Pluto for this as we will continue to transition in and out of Capricorn. When these transitions end and Pluto is in Aquarius permanently, then we will begin these new cycles that will reshape and form New Earth life and reality.  

As an Ascension Volunteer most of my life whether I have wanted to be or not, I have been in Service to Others almost on a daily basis that I have somewhat lost my ability to take care of my own needs. I am not perfected in Service to others and there are many days where being in service to another has made me want to run in the other direction. There are moments where I do actively choose not to engage with someone who needed my assistance, because I am too sensitive to their energy that I cannot handle another interaction with another living person. It becomes too much for me. In sharing that I believe that Service to Others is the way of the future and it is my belief that it is the only way of the future. On the other side of the coin there are people who have never once in their life ever been in service to others, which isn’t shocking to me in the least bit because this is an Earth Realm filled with all sorts of energies and energy levels. There are many who have only and always been in service to self, who have never known what it is like to step outside of themselves and actually do for another. Which is what we see everyday, it is more important for certain people to be all about servicing themselves and they want to be serviced by others too. I don’t have time for that! I am not going to be of service to those who believe they are meant to be serviced and never give it back to another.

There is Evolutionary Chaos Within This Earth Realm and everybody knows that. The chaos stems from the dismantling of old Earth reality and because New Earth has been energetically created by Divine Source with help from all of the Ascension Volunteers, those Earthlings who continue to repeat some old habits and behaviors on New Earth will learn the hard way that things have changed. We cannot perpetuate old tools from old Earth, we have to be creative and learn to consciously create on New Earth because that is what New Earth is all about. The LowCon people who still remain on old Earth who have not made that shift yet, they’re the ones that we continue to read about in the news. Their faces are splashed across our television screens, and they continue to spiral out of control with their service to self. They caused destruction because they they were self destructive, they killed a group of people in some horrific shooting event. They tried (foolishly) to hide classified information that they shouldn’t have etc. The list goes on and the more it goes on, the more people are watching that group still on old Earth horrified by what they see. It isn’t just people but with systems and the biggest reason systems are failing, is because they provided an illusion that they worked in the first place. State and Government never worked. Religion was never Divinely Sourced to begin with. Schools are not actually teaching children and young adults about actual life, no one ever taught me about being attacked in school because I was actually a Starseed with a mission to help Earth transition into New Earth. The system of work for currency has been a failure from the get go, not-a-single-person ever wins, even I’m struggling with payments to keep this site going without ads disrupting the writing and information. It just goes on. That’s all changing though because Pluto is busting the systems along with Saturn and for those who need information on the transitions that these two planets have made; I have left a link to the first article I wrote about Pluto’s role in the reshaping of society within the New Earth reality.

Subconscious Traumas Surfacing: Saturn Pisces & Pluto In Aquarius Is Forging A New Way For Society.

Pluto In Aquarius: Pluto’s Transition Into & Out Of The Waves

The Dwarf Planet Pluto (should be categorized as an actual planet again,) is all about destroying everything in order to build something new and if you look at it’s stay in the sign of Capricorn, you’ll see that it has in many ways dismantled the systems ever since it first stepped into the sign back in 2008. The current landscape as we move out of the Pluto in Capricorn years, is that of everything literally hanging in the balance. The systems do not work and no one is actively doing their job in the way that it used to be done, this is all Pluto in Capricorn and i mean talk about a reform. A reform usually means that a positive change has taken place, that isn’t Pluto in Capricorn’s job. When Pluto shifted into Aquarius we got a tiny taste of what it could bring us and it is here where Pluto will reform society and the systems that are in place. This reform job is meant for Pluto in Aquarius. In the coming months we will experience a back and forth movement with Pluto, as he moves in and out of the Aquarian waves.

March 22, 2023 – Pluto enters Aquarius 

June 11, 2023 – Pluto re-enters Capricorn

January 29, 2024 – Pluto enters Aquarius

September 2, 2024 – Pluto re-enters Capricorn 

November 19, 2024 – Pluto enters Aquarius Permanently

The Dwarf Planet Pluto is about to enter the sign of Capricorn for the second last time on June 11, 2023 and that means that more further dismantling will take place within old Earth and the systems. Expect the price of living to go higher, expect more of old Earth humans acting out and getting caught. Expect to not feel cared about and or heard by dying systems, nothing will continue to work in the way that it does. Expect to feel energy interferences by people who live and exist in old Earth and expect life to get even more surreal as the end of this year moves forward. Most of all expect to say goodbye to more Service to Self Elitism.

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