Undergoing Energy Interferences: Expect To Feel A Massive Amount Of Energy Interferences In 2023

Undergoing Energy Interferences In The 2023 Year: Experiencing Energy Interferences On New Earth

As an Ascension Volunteer; I work extensively with energy embodiment and distribution by helping to bring in new layers of New Earth into physicality. I understand energy dynamics very well and it has been a big part of my Starseed mission here on Earth. I have even modified my own energy at times but this year has been different, I have had to clean and clear my energy within this body. I have turned to Reiki in order to understand the congestion within myself and my body, because over the years no matter how much I try to do the work myself I cannot seem to clear it all. A lot of the time this energy congestion within my physical body isn’t even my own, as a Volunteer I soak up energies like a sponge. I am very sensitive to energies and if your also the same way, then most likely you are a Starseed or a Volunteer. 

All of 2022; I really struggled with having to deal with people and their Energy Signatures. I started to notice that I was picking up on energy from other people very quickly. It wasn’t a good year for me and I don’t know any sensitives who had it easy last year, then 2023 arrived and the energies got much more intense and so did Divine Mother and the Triunity Light Codes. This all combined to make life on physical Earth most difficult, with the energy causing a secondary awakening that had me remembering my full Starseed mission. However, the energy that I was carrying still felt secondary and out of place and a lot of it was not mine. What I was experiencing was Energy Interference. 

“On June 1, 2023 – My sister’s two children were taken from their school by their father who was threatened by my cousin’s wife, she is a whole entire story because I have picked up on a very traumatic life and childhood. The event was/is a kidnapping. The woman not only did threaten their father but also held them hostage for hours until we finally called her directly and threatened police action, she finally let them go very quickly. This not only traumatized the children, but it also traumatized my sister and our entire family. The unfortunate part in all of this is the father was also in on it and planned it.”

In December 2022 – I was out at the grocery store just picking up a few thing’s for the next few days. I went in and got everything that I thought that I needed. I made my way to the self checkout because as an Ascension Volunteer I try to avoid people altogether, when I got there I began scanning my items. Out of no where a female worker comes in and basically interferes with the purchase. She placed herself and her energy around me and my body for no reason, did whatever she wanted and then left. ‘

In November 2022, I was at work and found an object in the washroom and because I work in building cleaning and maintenance, we have to take the object and keep it for holding until the owner requests it or the building tenants ask management for it back. I was approached by a tenant who was inquiring for it, when I went to bring it to him I returned the object and then he mocked me and his energy came out at me and attacked me right in the center of my heart. I initially felt something enter my body and push me back as if I had been hit, I was then laughed at by him and his co-workers until I scurried out of there. I never returned back to that office again. ” 


These three stories that I have shared above are very personal experiences that I have experienced with Energy interferences, it isn’t new to me and I have plenty more stories about the experiences that I have had my entire life that I just won’t share. The three experiences that I chose have happened in the last few months and one happened at the very start of this month. I knew that as we entered June 2023, that the energies would evolve on New Earth because there are a lot of new layers entering into our planet. It has to evolve on Earth and New Earth is always changing, it is always modifying itself and so are the energies. This is happening now this month and it has for all of 2023, and not everyone is on New Earth and I have said this so many times in these articles. There are layers to New Earth and still some layers to old Earth and there is this fighting that is going on, which is why many Ascension Volunteers call this the Separation Of Worlds. Those people who do not want anything to do with New Earth energetically are devolving on a conscious level and that is where all of these Energy Interferences are forming and playing out.

Undergoing Energy Interferences In The 2023 Year: What Is Energy Interference? 

Every living person on Earth right now has an energy because everyone is energy and I call this a person’s Energy Signature, as an Ascension Volunteer I work a lot with energy. I work on correcting my own energy and I work with new energy layers that come up to further help New Earth. Every living person has an energy and so does every living thing, we are made of energy but we each have our own signature filled with experiences or lack there of. The entire planet is a cesspool of energy and during these intense times we will experience multiple collisions with other people’s energy, which I’m calling Energy Interference. The general process of how this works is: when one person is moving their body and energy in one location and another person comes along with their very different energy. These two energies will eventually collide with each other. It does change the dynamics and at times the timeline of another living person.

I have experienced these sudden Energy Interferences by other people and it isn’t fun at all. The worst ones are usually when a lower vibrating human being meets a higher vibrating being, that is usually the case for me with my life and because I am a Starseed Ascension Volunteer I will get annihilated and torn to bits on an energy level. When one person is intentionally doing something to anyone to get in another person’s way for any reason, that is purposeful intention to mess with another human being. I won’t sugar coat any of this and wrap it up nicely! I have 33 years of personal experience with this, where I have been targeted for being an Ascension Volunteer who is here to bring in New Earth into physicality. The three stories of my experiences aren’t even hitting the tip of the ice berg, the size of my experiences are buried deep down in the depths of the ocean. The iceberg is hidden and gigantic! Since 2023 began; I have experienced much more of EI experiences and I have noticed that other people are experiencing it too. There are certain ways that certain LowCon people (lower conscious humans,) actually intentionally do to interfere with you and they’re not even aware of it. 

  • When in a public setting if they are coming in closer to you while you walk, in the grocery stores, streets, public transit, and purposely getting closer into your space. They’re energetically interfering with you. 
  • When a neighbor(s) are continuously making loud noises at all hours of the day and night, with absolutely no regard for you at all and other people in the neighborhood. This is interference and they might not realize that they are even doing it.
  • When someone comes in out of no where while you are doing something, then just tries to interject themselves into the activity that is interference. They chose you for a reason when there were other people around you. Take notice of this!
  • As a Starseed and Ascension Volunteer; when someone takes the time out to speak to you and you don’t know them they are doing it for a reason. They chose you specifically and most are attracted to your high vibrating energy or aura.
  • When you hear loud noises that are not human orchestrated, then you are definitely being interfered with energetically by non-physical entities and beings.
  • When the same person is consistently bothering you every single day, they are energetically interfering with you and your life and life path.
  • When you are being sent all kinds of text messages, emails, and phone calls from people who you don’t know but they are long and unhinged messages about you and who you are. Well then that is an energetic interference.
  • When you are near a certain person or a group and you feel tired or drained and confused when near them, that is energetic interference and you must teach yourself how to distance yourself from other people.

There are countless other circumstances that I do want to mention but the list is already getting so long, essentially these are the many ways in which you can be Energetically Interfered with by both people and non-physical entities alike. This has been happening now with a lot more people in 2023; especially those who are part of the first group of New Humans. There are many people who are colliding and crashing into one another, I’m someone who’s experienced this for years and I can tell the signs in certain people who are doing this. There are many who cannot tell the signs and who don’t even know why this is happening, who do still watch the news play out and wonder why so many people are all over the place being chaotic. They are a part of the remaining scenes of old Earth reality and they will have to learn soon, that they need to energetically stop interfering in other people’s energy spaces.

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