Transporting In & Out Of Higher Dimensional Realities: This Is The Way Of New Earth Living In June 2023.

Transporting Through Dimensional Realities: In & Out Of Multidimensional Realities 

As an Ascension Volunteer and Starseed; I am always hyper-aware of what is happening around me during the Equinoxes and Solstices. I do this because they act like stepping stones for the next part of the natural evolutionary process for humanity. Every three months; I find myself undergoing not only a metamorphosis within myself but I witness New Earth shifting and changing along with the collective. When we entered June this happened once again, and I took notice of everything that was going on around me. The last few days leading up to today, I felt a sense that I was no longer in my current physical location. I have experienced this before where I am not where I am suppose to be in physicality, but I am shifting back and forth through higher dimensions. 

I have done this on multiple occasions throughout the years, where I will feel like I am somewhere else and usually I am. I will temporarily be placed into new circumstances and my old ones will be temporarily put on hold. Which means I am no longer interacting with people from this reality, time get’s lost in all of this dimensional shifting because it happens for such an extended period of time and I don’t know when I’ll get back to my regular timeline. It can be stressful for me because I am never sure when it will happen either, two days before today I started to feel this happen and it all felt like a blur. It’s like walking through a fog blindfolded and I am not sure where I’ll end up. It makes it even worse when you are not sure how and when you’ll get out of it. 

The recent story of The Submersible Vessel that has gone missing off the coast of Newfoundland has to be the perfect example of the current Earth blueprint, it is also a perfect interpretation of how I have perceived New Earth in June 2023. It is this unmistakable shaking of old Earth timelines that are crumbling down to the ground like pieces of a Jenga tower. The transporting of certain people from one specific timeline into another, where they are (we are) constantly embedded into an ongoing storyline. This small group of five men are not only involved in a timeline from 1912, they have also been shifted into another reality altogether. This is what it has felt like all of June 2023 and it felt this way in March 2023 and in December 2022. The story of natural evolution never stops and it is ongoing no matter where it ends up, but it’s frightening when the story takes you out of the actual physical reality that you are used to.

I experienced something very similar on Sunday night into Monday morning, I instinctively realized that reality was making those familiar shifts and I couldn’t place myself within physicality. That has happened to me many times and this is what I call Transporting In & Out Of Higher Dimensional Realities. This is you being moved into and out of higher dimensions, this isn’t like moving from one location to another. It is not a physical movement, it is an actual movement into a higher space that you are not suppose to be in. Unless you are familiar with Astral traveling while being wide awake, otherwise I do not know how you can be transported to another reality that you are not energetically accustomed to. This has been happening for certain New Humans since the beginning of this year, where they’re suddenly entering the New Earth reality but they haven’t done the necessary Ascension work that the Ascension Volunteers have done. I am used to these kinds of events as a Ascension Volunteer and Starseed, but Earthling spirits entering into another timeline and higher reality. That isn’t something that they are used to, and when these events of here one minute and gone another start to happen that’s how it ends up on the news. This is another aspect of New Earth and New Earth Living. Living life as a New Human while on New Earth, many Earthling spirits need to familiarize themselves with these events. In the future more of these events will happen daily, both globally and personally within ones own life.

Transporting Through Dimensional Realities: Physicality & Entering Other Dimensions

My personal experiences with being Transported Into A Higher Dimension(s) varies, there are many moments when it happens to me where I am fully aware that I have moved somewhere otherworldly. I am not responsive in the same way that I am when I am fully present in physicality. There is a spiritual switch that goes on and off and I find myself in a new space, but I know and can feel that the spaces I am occupying are different in how they feel. They feel better and easier to move through. They feel like the rest of the world has been removed and it is just me in another location with other beings. The timing of how long these moments last can also vary depending on the moment, as of Wednesday morning I came out of whatever higher dimensional space I was living in. This time it lasted for two full days. I have the experience of doing this and as a Starseed it is easy to do it, an Earthling experiencing this for the first time it can feel like they’re losing their minds. It can be very traumatic for them all when they find themselves swinging from 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D and etc. Then find themselves back in 3D old Earth because that is where they are, many people can lose track of time. There are a lot of people who don’t remember where they are. There have been moments where even I have asked myself where am I? I didn’t know until I start to remember.  It’s like sifting through layer and layer of dense fog and you have to wait for it all to clear.

Another aspect to Transporting Into & Out Of Higher Dimensions is that for many it means you can step into it but you can never return. There are so many mysteries surrounding the Bermuda triangle, planes that have gone missing and could never be found. Worldwide searches that never turned up anything, it’s not about conspiracy for me because I don’t buy into those fabrications. Earthlings and New Humans have not yet understood all of the mysteries of Earth, what is really happening beyond the 3D reality itself. There are layers and layers to life here and what is really happening to us on any given day, current reality meets alternate reality and those versions of us living in those timelines. There are past life timelines in play and meeting familiar people and meeting new people, there are endless probabilities and possibilities. It’s all just never ending. Nothing is moving in a linear direction it’s non linear and all spherical in nature. All of it is what it is, and it isn’t what it is not! All connected and disconnected. Here and there and yet everywhere. Do you follow? It has been a wild Summer Solstice and I hope that everyone enjoyed whatever they did, where ever they enjoyed it and it doesn’t matter if you were aware where you were, or where you were not. Do you see how messy it really is?

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