The First Group Of New Humans: Second Wave Of New Humans Are Undergoing DNA Activations.

The First Group: Second Wave Of New Humans On Earth

During the long month of June 2023; I started to notice that there was a new pattern being weaved into the early formations within the New Earth reality. This was a pattern that held a different energy signature to it, we have once again been adjusting to more layers of New Earth as it comes into physicality. The 5D New Earth reality still has a lengthy amount of time left until it is completed and that won’t happen in my lifetime. What I can do is write about the genesis of New Earth life and how people begin to adapt to these manifestations in this world. 

In June 2023, another wave of New Humans activated. This group is still part of the first wave and now more people are having their DNA activated. Those familiar with Barbara Hand Clow you that she calls this time-coded. Starseeds are time coded to activate our DNA and to slowly remember the past in the future. To remember who we are. This is happening for New Humans who want to enter the first stages of the Ascension process, which means entering and living within the New Earth completely. They will then begin to understand life and how to live it by aligning to a higher energy. 

In January 2023, I wrote an article about how the First Group Of New Humans would be DNA activating and entering New Earth. This was happening because natural evolution tends to push us to understand ourselves far beyond what we currently know. The next organic step that current humans can make is to enter New Earth and to begin their natural evolutionary process. This started in early 2023 for many and that is where we are right now. What I didn’t know at the start of the year was that I myself would undergo my own secondary awakening, a full Starseed awakening but with that came ancient knowledge that I could not access before. What I understand at a deeper heart level is that the Ascension Process is not just for the Ascension Volunteers, we may have helped create New Earth but Earthlings (Humans) are just as much a part of all of this as well. They carry New Earth with them too! The majority of the human population is not DNA Time-Coded and I will explain that further in the second section of this article.

The higher connections that I became hyper aware of is that New Humans Are DNA Activating due to the early transit of Pluto in Aquarius. Those of you who don’t follow Astrology in the exact same way as this incarnated Starseed, Pluto shifted signs on March 23rd from Capricorn into Aquarius. This was a gigantic moment for the collective and in those early weeks before this energy alteration, the energy was being cleared so that the old way could make room for the new. Pluto entering Aquarius is the dominant energy for 2023 and it still is. Why is this important? On June 11th, Pluto returned to the sign of Capricorn for a short stint. This transition is now activating more people from the first group, this is the second wave of New Humans. These DNA activations are all connected to the Aquarian energy and triggered by it all in the same breath. We are consciously awakening to the truth of who we are and the Starseed/Human roles that we play for one another. We are all Galactic friends and neighbors. We are more than the life that we think we are here and we are only just starting to get connected.

The First Group Of New Humans: Activations Of The First Group Of New Human Beings.

Humanity Is Time-Coded To Enter New Earth 

Humanity no matter how much you would try to deny it, we are moving towards evolutionary perfection. It doesn’t look or feel that way but we are. Humanity is time-coded to enter New Earth and we will be on this 5D Earth vibrating planet. If you have read Catastrophobia by Barbara Hand Clow you have heard her use the term time coded. She writes that humanity is time coded to change forms. If I only had access to this book when I was physically awakening in 2014, I would have understood my role as an Ascension Volunteer a lot better. What Barbara Hand Clow means is that through our own specific DNA, we are Time Coded to begin the Evolutionary Process. This DNA activation sets us on a direct path to remember our past and integrate our history with our future, to return to the Golden Age from where we first came from.

The Second Wave of New Humans are DNA activating because they are time-coded to do this now. As we move into 2023 and 2024, there will be more people who will be DNA activating. This is not a whole second group of new people, it is a second wave of the people within the first group. I have been paying attention to what has been going on in the world during June 2023 and there is no doubt in my mind that people are making the shift. The world and New Earth is coming online in a way that has never happened before, and while there are still the same old players who think that they are getting away with the usual games. The world is changing for the better because we’re seeing what does not align with us, which makes it so much easier for us to manifest within the New Earth reality.

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