Into The {7-7-7} Divine Feminine DNA Activation: Silver Platinum Light Codes Into New Earth.

Into The 7-7-7 Divine Feminine DNA Activation

The entire month of July 2023; I have been experiencing what I can only interpret as Divine Feminine Mother activate more of my DNA. I have felt like I am birthing something new. I have felt like I have been carrying a child. I have felt like I have been pregnant or that I have just become pregnant, there has been some activation within my DNA that has connected strongly to the Divine Mother and the birth of her within myself. I have also felt this in other people who are in tune and who are Starseeds, as well as new humans being activated by this same sequence within their own DNA coding. This coding is coming from the highest dimensions the (10th, 11th, 12th) and the newly access granted 13th dimension in the higher realms. 

These new DNA activations within humanity is all tied to The 7-7-7 Gateway Opening. This isn’t just about this gateway but the download of coded information that comes through for us to acknowledge, we are always receiving information through our consciousness so that we can understand ourselves on a deeply intimate level. The past paves a way for the future, if we understand our individual history then we know where we want to be as a collective in time. This DNA activation is also bringing us closer to understanding who we are individually as self aspect. One for all and all for one. It has felt really fresh and beyond interesting no doubt; how it all manifests on New Earth is not yet to be seen. 

In February 2021; I had a very vivid Astral Meeting within the 4D with the first wave of Divine Feminine Mother aspect as she approached Earth. Not just Earth but as she was making first contact with New Earth. The Astral meeting involved many other Ascension Volunteers who were also there, they were witnessing her approach with excitement just like I was. Everything was coming into alignment for the very first time. I remember the initial feeling of how powerful that very first wave of Divine Feminine Mother was and it was almost overwhelming to the senses. I began to experience sensory overload and I had to quickly return to my physical body. When we shifted into the 2022 frequency, I Clairvoyantly felt that Divine Mother had returned in her full form back onto Earth after she left eons ago. The Divine Feminine Mother was forced to leave this Earth realm once the cataclysm unfolded and ever since she has not returned, that happened in the Age Of Leo. It was no surprise to me that Divine Feminine returned in the early transitionary stages of the Age of Aquarius, which is where we are now.

The last time that I felt Divine Feminine Mother was almost a year ago, when I experienced an intense DNA activation within my body. This set the stage for the Ascension Volunteers as I know many of them experienced something similar last July, this year Divine Feminine Mother is once again coming with the 7-7-7 Gateway. This event was something that I felt weeks in advance and as I began tuning in, I felt that it was that familiar cosmic mother energy that I hadn’t felt in such a long time. I kept feeling myself getting more in touch with the Feminine aspects of my personality, I was expressing my feelings and emotions more than I usually do. There were moments where I felt like I was pregnant and birthing something, birthing new parts of me that I am only just beginning to understand right now. It was and still is (as it unfolds,) a very powerful experience for me and I suspect for many other people within the collective. Both Ascension Volunteers and humans that are experiencing this for the very first time. Our DNA is being activated all of the time, we are so close to total recollection of our own divinity and galactic divinity. This 7-7-7 event is not only activating more DNA within Starseeds but in New Humans as well, you cannot live on the New Earth without experiencing all the wonderful perks of living within a higher frequency range.

The 7-7-7 Silver Platinum Light Codes

On June 24th, I experienced Clairvoyant Imaging In Real Time. This is not the first time that I have experienced this and so when it happened I knew that this 7-7-7 event was important. I am quite often in an energetic fog and for much of that weekend I was and it didn’t clear fully until Tuesday, but when I tuned in I received information about this 7-7-7 event. What was downloaded into me and what I then saw clairvoyantly, were Silver Platinum Light Codes. These light codes look very similar to the images that I found up above, they are sharp and have a pyramid pointed shape to them. There are variations and sometimes they appear to have a slight tint of blue to them, the patterning is multi-layered and can shift into different sequences. When I was observing them it almost felt like they were in a liquid form, but they definitely had a solidified texture when they shimmered into physicality.

These Silver Platinum Light Codes have all just been initiating the collective DNA and activating parts of the right brain half, much like they have been doing for people all over the world. The fascinating thing about these lights codes is that they were awakening aspects of my right brain that were dormant. On the 24/25th; I experienced those two days of “energetic fog” and I felt myself become rewired with information that I didn’t know about before. There are many people who are starting to awaken to their ancient memories, myself included and the more that we experience these initiations within our DNA the more that it will happen for other aspects of who we are. We will remember our ancient memories that have caused amnesia and we will once again reign in a new golden age. Time is always on our side and events like 7-7-7 happen, the more that we will be in tune with New Earth and the universal energies. These Light Codes are not like any other ones that I have seen and I felt very strongly that they are coming from the 10th, 11th, 12th and the 13th higher dimensions. These higher dimensions are where consciousness originates from, it is where it can be both accessed and stored. I don’t have access. I do know that it exists in all of those realms. This feels like Divine Feminine from these higher dimensions and she is coming down in her most glorious, where the sages reside themselves and those closest to Divine Source.

The sages are those who have Ascended eons ago and who are working together with Ascended Masters, beings who have graduated the Earth school. When we understand what this means then we know how immensely important this all is, how important this 7-7-7 event is with Divine Feminine Mother initiating DNA Coding into more who are incarnated on Earth during this time.

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