Nodes Shift To Aries/Libra: Nodal Changes To Karmic Cycles Within The Ascension Process.

Lunar Node Shifts Into Aries/Libra & New Ascension Karmic Cycles

As an Ascension Volunteer; I do know how important Astrology is as a tool for the current times that we are living in. Astrology is an ancient tool from the time of the great sages themselves, when this Earth was spiritually connected and when people of the ancient world exhibited unicameral qualities in nature. During the fall of humanity because of massive Earth changes, those who remained struggled to survive and lost the knowledge of this once ancient tool. When the Earth changes stopped around 4,000 BCE those who remembered this tool, began to practice it once again along with watching the cycles of the stars. Our ancestors of the ancient world knew how important Astrology really was, and so they used it to understand the passing of time through the connection to the stars themselves. 

When something big happens on an Astrological level, I always pay close attention to what planet or if the Nodes are changing signs. These are very important indicators because they reveal the new cycles and patterns that humanity will undergo in the coming weeks, months, and years. These shifts also prepare us to deal with karmic cycles that will end because we are no longer living in those old Ascension cycles any longer. This change from Taurus/Scorpio to Aries/Libra is even more important because once it reaches o degrees in Aries, it’s completing an entire cycle which has lasted for 18 1/2 years. This is gigantic! It’s also important because we’re moving into some of the most important years 2023-2027. Where humanity will shift consciously into New Earth.  

The Lunar Nodes which is also known to many as the North and South Nodes, have changed signs in the last few days and the shift has felt very symbolic of the two signs that they have shifted into. I am someone who writes through personal experience. I tend to write when I feel like I should based off of life events that I have lived through, as we continue living through the Ascension Process. All of my writing is written from the Michael (Individual POV,) while being apart of the (Collective) aspect of oneness. It is my belief that we are all both simultaneously. These life events usually happen as I and we move through these energy shifts, astrological shifts, and the karmic cycles that inhabit all of our lives. It is because of these experiences that I can get a better read on the next 18 months based off of the initial transition. What I experienced over this past week was a disruption in my ability to balance my emotions and the actions that I was undertaking. I got really triggered and emotional because of layers of the past, which were coming up again because we have to always work through what we already have. These layers were microscopic but they were there and I found myself fighting to find a balance and connect again with Divine Source and myself. Fighting ourselves for balance. That sounds like what the collective consciousness will be experiencing from 2023-2027. 

The Lunar Nodes changed signs on July 17th, 2023 from the Taurus/Scorpio Axis and into the Aries/Libra axis. This coincided with the New Moon in Cancer (home sign) where the Moon feels the most comfortable. That felt positive to me already because it means that our emotional state will feel comfortable dealing with the upcoming changes within our Karmic Cycles. That also means that we will feel comfortable with the direction our destiny and fate moves us into, as we become more aligned with our individual and collective purpose. The sign of Aries is the very first sign which means that we are beginning a new cycle, the Lunar Nodes always move in a backward motion so the cycles tend to work in a different way. We begin a new cycle at 00.00 Aries and then move our way from Pisces back to Aries, instead of moving Aries all the way to Pisces. We will experience this New cycle within the Ascension process on January 11, 2025. This will be when reality shifts and changes, totally and completely whether people want it to or not. Libra is a sign where balance is essential to life.

Finding A New Balance Within The New Ascension Cycle With The Nodes 

Many Ascension Volunteers understand what the Nodes entering Aries/Libra is all about, we know that there is a completion of the current Ascension cycle via the Lunar Nodes. The great shift is occurring between 2023-2027 and if you notice all of the planets from an astrological point of view you would understand why all of these cycles are ending. Astrologically and karmically. The 00.00 point in Aries is where the old shifts out and where new beginnings commence, and there will be plenty of planets that will be crossing this threshold between this time including Pluto’s complete entrance into the sign of Aquarius. I equate this to the complete shift out of Old Earth and into New Earth in a much more detailed way. Remember that in the Ancient World our Ancestors were always focused on the skies and the movement of the stars to better understand these cycles, we must follow in their footsteps and connect with those ancient forms through the Earth once again. These opportunities to connect with Earth and these Ascension cycles will begin and end from now into 2027. There are indicators of many New Earth Cycles beginning and Old Earth Cycles ending.

Nov 19, 2024 – Pluto enters Aquarius permanently.

Jan 11, 2025 – Lunar Nodes hold at 00.00 Aries/Libra.

Mar 30 – Oct 22, 2025 – Neptune enters Aries temporarily.

May 24 – Sep 1, 2025 – Saturn enters Aries temporarily.

Jan 26, 2026 – Neptune renters Aries permanently.

Feb 13, 2026 – Saturn renters Aries permanently.

Feb 20, 2026 – Saturn/Neptune Conjunct In Aries 00.45.

There is a lot going on here astrologically. I didn’t even include all of those back and forth shifts where Pluto is struggling to occupy the sign of Aquarius and hold that frequency. There are obvious Karmic and Astrological Ascension Cycles that are ending and new ones beginning. As a collective we’ll need to work hard to unpack our own individual karmic baggage, so that we can collectively free the Earth and each other from our pasts.

The placement of The Lunar Nodes are important in Astrology and we follow their movement because it gives us an indication of what our future holds. I was born with the Lunar Nodes in the Aquarius/Leo axis and for me that resonates with my Ascension Volunteer role. The North Node is where we must move into in this life and the South Node is where we have come from and what is familiar to us. The movement of the Nodes at any point indicates the movement that the collective should head towards, as opposed to the familiar directions of where the collective consciousness tends to move into. The current collective position is in Aries and that means that we should all be looking forward to living our life passionately, but if we get to carried away we can always fall back on Balance as an essential outlook to live our life. The Aries (self) and Libra (others) symbolism is going to play itself out dramatically in the coming years, we’ll have to choose between what we want for ourselves now and where other people fit into that. Essentially, anytime that the Lunar Nodes change signs, we should focus on what our purpose is NOW and what we want to do with where we want to go in our future.

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