The Emancipation Of Ascension Volunteers: Karmic Cycles Ending For The Ascension Volunteers.

Emancipation Of The Ascension Volunteers 

Since entering 2023; I have been amazed at all of the positive changes taking place within physicality and for the collective population. As an Ascension Volunteer and writer for the Ascension Process, I have never really focused on the good that has happened and which continues to happen. I usually focus more on what is not currently working for the Ascension Volunteers or what is not in alignment with the New Earth. That is one of my major faults in my own opinion, there are plenty of thing’s that are happening right now in our world due to the individual and collective changes to consciousness. We did that. We brought on those changes by rectifying our individual issues. Have we all done it, no. This is why the Ascension Process has intensified in 2023, because more of us have done these self-corrections internally. 

One of the messages that I have been hearing from my higher-self these last few weeks has been that there are Karmic Cycles ending, I have also heard similar messages the closer that we have gotten to the 8:8 Portal. This is just me. As always discern what I write about and if it resonates than take what does and discard what does not. These messages have been pinging and pinging, ever since the North Nodes shifted into Aries. The messages from inside these codes are telling me that it isn’t just that cycles are ending within the Ascension process, but it is also ending for Ascension Volunteers too! 

When I agreed to return to Earth again as an Ascension Volunteer into this life as this Michael aspect, I knew that most of my work was to personally remove and work through my own Karmic Cycles. That started happening the very moment that I entered my physical body and throughout my life I have had to pay back what I gave out in the process. Many will eventually learn that you never get away with anything while you live out the Ascension Process. There were important moments in my life where I had to interact with all people from my past, there were groups set up who were positive interactions and there were plenty who were challenging and familiar because they either disliked me or I disliked them. There was an event that transpired that caused a traumatic sequence of events that caused a discordant energy exchange. We all have had those experiences, it becomes so awful for us that we don’t quite learn how to release ourselves from these emotions in one life. Which then becomes re-cycled in another life to be dealt with again. I have been doing this hard work to break all bonds from the past and move on from certain people, by healing the wounds of the past with each of them and understanding my actions against others too!

 KarmaThe sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. 

Karmic CyclesThe repeated patterns within a person’s behavior whether in this life or in previous states of existence, that cycle over and over whether with the same people or not. 

As we move through these next few years from (2023-2027,) there will be plenty of New Earth changes that will shake the world and how we live. The collective population will experience frequent Code Activations that are a match for their energy signature. There will be plenty of opportunities for more people to start living in the New Earth frequency, and yes, there will be more people who create new Karmic cycles and patterns which will need to be rectified and cleaned up in the future. Then there are the Ascension Volunteers who agreed to incarnate to bring the vibration of this Earth up, we are not immune from our own individual Karmic Cycles. We have all had a past and lived on Earth in other lives, we bring those aspects of us again for clearing and rectification.

Karmic Cycles: Karmic Cycles Are Ending For The Ascension Volunteers

Over these last three weeks, I have been getting repeated messages and in these messages from these coded energies I not only have heard that karmic Cycles are ending. I am also hearing that Karmic Cycles for the Ascension Volunteers are ending. The 8:8 Portal and the Sirian codes are all coming up and out now and the messages that I am receiving are different, they’re coming in not only as most of my karmic cycles are ending with certain people. The coded information is also showing me that other Ascension Volunteers are experiencing this as well. I have been referring to this as the Emancipation of the Ascension Volunteers.

There are certain Ascension Volunteers who have come in time and time again, they have agreed to take all of who they are and return to do the hard work to clear their own Karma. They have also come here to usher in the New Earth and matching Energy frequency. There are even some Ascension Volunteers who have done enough work that they won’t be coming back again to assist, they have done what they needed to and they are no longer returning to energetically assist and carry all of who they are with them in the future. With Pluto in Aquarius many of those Ascension Volunteers who were incarnated and aligned with the events of the Age of Leo, will be releasing them now as humanity moves through this transit. The first and second wave of Ascension Volunteers will physically exit during this transit, and they will exit because they’re contract as Volunteers will be done energetically. I’m well aware that I could even exit during this transit as well, which is why I have been doing all of the personal excavation work to remove and acknowledge accumulated Karma from my past. If these Ascension Volunteers want to return again even after this and then they can do so and choose that, as always there is no forcing anyone to do anything that they do not want to do.

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