The 8:8 Lionsgate Portal 2023: A New DNA Activation & The Egypt Pyramids As An Energy System.

The Lionsgate Portal For 2023: New Codes 

We are now coming out of the main center of the 8:8 Lionsgate Portal and it’s energies for 2023, this year was big because of all the Karmic cycles that were ending. There was more going on with this because by releasing our karmic connections to our dualistic other halves, we were free to step into our true selves as divinity. We the Ascension Volunteers have nothing left to karmically manage and we can step fully into unity and leave duality consciousness in the old lower worlds and realities. Where they belong. That is not an easy task to do and we will still need to manage our emotions, our ways of thinking and where we place our intentions. Ultimately, we will succeed. 

This year won’t be that ultimate culmination because next year is the big {8:8:8} and this will be part of the new cycle, which means that we’re going to be stepping further into unknown territories which we have never stepped into before. The DNA Activations from this year’s 8:8 portal that we have experienced within our body template, along with the memoric information of our pasts will help us build a new future. Evolution is defined as moving ahead and understanding ourselves, life, the Earth and how we live on it in a way we didn’t know before. We all must advance in a way that we have never advanced before, and the 8:8 for 2023 has made sure that we are well on our way. 

When the 8:8 Lionsgate Portal energies began manifesting at the end of July; I initially began to experience a platter full of unique events that aligned with this Portal opening. Many which include: (Flooding, three feline kittens entering my life, and strange coded information that felt advanced come into my awareness.) It wasn’t just that it was coded information, but my physical body was shifting and buzzing along with these current energies that were coming in during these last two weeks. Like all things in life we experience some event that let’s us know that these energies are manifesting for us, flooding and feline kittens are all very much connected to the Lionsgate. There is symbolism and I find it refreshing to know that this is how it was all manifested, those who understand that flooding means a clearing. A washing away of the old in order to make room for the new. Feline the physical representation of the actual beings from Sirius and the many light codes and information from these codes that I did receive. How much more symbolism did I need? All important miniscule pieces of a puzzle that need to fit perfectly together, especially since I needed representation to write about for this very article. My life as an Ascension Volunteer and my personal experiences write themselves, but sometimes it can be fun to share what I do go through during important periods on New Earth.

There are many different Light Codes that enter the stream of Earth and within each one there is information connected to them. This coded information arrives during important periods and it works by actually changing our DNA and how our Endocrine System functions. There were certain parts of my own DNA that got activated during the night while I slept, and there was also DNA within the collective that got activated and in certain geographical locations as well. What I experienced were intense activations within my DNA via those light codes from the Sirius Star in the Orion’s Belt. I would wake up during the night and hear strange information come in through to me, until memories came flooding back about the Orion Belt and it’s connection to the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. There are moments where DNA activations are just about remembering something from the past that needs to be re-remembered, I wasn’t expecting to remember that our Sun was part of a big system that transported energy from planets and Star systems to our Earth via the pyramids. That they mirrored it back and forth, and that it is connected to the entire Galaxy that we live in.

The Egyptian Pyramids: Pyramids As An Energy System

I have been well aware of all my three lifetimes in Ancient Egypt, as those two 1/2 women in the ancient world. I knew who I was then and how that has served me now, my memories are very active from that time period more than any other in Earth’s history and of my own. It happens every once in a while where my body becomes activated through coded information, a higher conscious download and something more is pulled from the depth of my subconscious. Tuesday evening – {8:8} itself; I was hit with a memory of ancient knowledge that came forth like water cascading down a mountain-side, creating the most magnificent waterfall imaginable. This memory would not have come forth from my subconscious had it not been for the current light codes that hit during this year’s 8:8 and those DNA Activations.

The Sun Connection: The Giza Pyramids Are An Energy System

In my DNA Memory; I remembered learning about how there was/is still an energy system here on Earth. This Energy system is an ancient system that involves the Giza pyramids, the Sun, other Star systems and planets that transport their energy and information via light codes to Earth. How the information came to me was like seeing mirrors everywhere reflecting energy off of one another, the Sun was the central mirror point while receiving energy it transported it to the pyramids. The pyramids are essentially from my DNA memory, part of an Energy System that involves our entire galaxy and even universe. 

When near the Giza Pyramids during these most important Portals and Energy exchanges, we feel the true magnitude of these energies as they come in. The Ancient World is long gone and even in today’s age – we won’t get the same effect. The Pyramids of the ancient world in those times, when the Earth had no axial tilt was like being harmonically converged with everything. A true pure alignment that we have not felt on Earth since those times. 

The ancient world has many thing’s to teach us if we are just willing to remember them, the Pyramids were always and have always been something far bigger than what most in the collective think. There is a reason why they are aligned with Orion’s Belt, those very same beings were here in the ancient world. There is a reason why they are physically there and what I do remember now, as it has re-activated within my DNA and stepped out of my Subconscious is important. We don’t need to go back to the ancient world, but we do need to look back from time to time and to evolve into the future where we can once again become aligned with the Earth. This Energy System and with the true nature of becoming New Humans for New Earth.

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