Shifting Out Of The Lionsgate For 2023: The 8:8 Energy Is Replacing Old Energy With New Energy.

Shifting Out Of The 8:8 Lionsgate

Now that we have begun stepping away from the peak point of the 8:8 Lionsgate, we have been shifting and feeling outdated energy leave our consciousness and body templates. We have also begun to feel these old energies be pushed out of Earth and to allow new energy to come in. The new energy from the Lionsgate via the star Sirius, has been allowing us to enhance our ability to receive important higher information. Many of us felt the intensity of this years 8:8 energies, it was so compressed to the point of not being able to withstand it. Thing’s shifted into different directions for us, geographical locations went through energy purging due to human behavior of the past that needed to be transmuted. There were multiple events happening simultaneously last week and they are still happening right now.

During certain Gateways and Portals there is a transference of energy. This transference of energy happens because the Earth itself is removing old energies from the Divine Mother template. I have written about the Divine Mother template before and what it is – is a layer surrounding the Earth which energies move in and out of. The template holds that energy and it’s properties until it is replaced by higher energies. It is an entire system. Notice what clears out of your life, what your thinking about consciously, and what leaves your spaces, but, don’t forget what new thing’s begin occupying what has been removed. 

There are periods during The Collective Awakening of Humanity and of our Earth, where every once in a while it feels like the world is going berserk again. It almost feels like the very heart of the Earth is experiencing a rapid succession of heart beats, as if someone is gently tugging on the very heart of this Earth. Then after a while the Earth becomes released from the grips of the Ascension changes that are always happening. Then suddenly everything has changed, almost as if it never existed before. These periods of random Berserk activity, where everything is everywhere is always happening due to new changes that are occurring on this Earth. This happened at the end of July and it is still happening even after the 8:8 has reached it’s most climatic point within the heavens. This activity is starting to quiet down but those of us who understand that more needed to be purged, we understand the reason why the old energies attached to certain aspects of mother earth need to be replaced. It needs to be replaced with new energy and a new way of understanding Earth now as she makes this momentums change. 

The Earth is a reflection of people and we are a reflection of the Earth. When we begin to realize just how much we mirror back who we are to the Earth, we begin to understand just how connected we are to these powerful Earth changes. These last few days during these multiple purging events of darker energy, dead energy, and old energy from the various geographical locations of Earth which included Hawaii. I knew that this was more Ancient Negativity that was being ripped from the wounds of the Earth. This was also being ripped from us and our past together as a collective group, as we live in this future life while simultaneously traversing through parallel lives.  We are now going to be seeing a replacement of energies continue to enter the template of Earth, which will help us understand all of these connections to the energies much more. We’ll start to understand our human-Earth connection a lot more when we begin to understand the Ascension related events that are happening right now.

Energy Transference: Transference Of  Old Energy 

When we decide to leave one physical location and move into another one, we are essentially transferring ourselves to a new location. We also do this with energy and mainly because we all have and hold our own Energetic Signature. We move ourselves and our energy from point A to point B. The Earth is experiencing the same thing, in fact I’d be more correct in stating that the Earth does this first and we experience it after. This can happen simultaneously more than anything. We as energy containers are always transferring energy; it can be through universal energies coming into our awareness or our bodies. Energy is transferable! The 8:8 energies were transferring important, downloaded information that was coded so that we could understand it at this NEW level. It is the same exact information that is telling us to open up to the universal energies, and to remove anything that might be congested within our internal body makeup. To examine our beliefs and reconsider certain attitudes that we may hold and bulldoze through any kind of limitations that we might have. We can only receive the energy transfer if we do the work and cut through our own thought forms.

The 8:8 Lionsgate transferred coded universal information through our sun and to our planet via the Egyptian Pyramids in Giza. This is the gateway entrance for the Lionsgate into our planet Earth, the ancient Egyptians knew this when they had a deep connection to the Sirian Beings in their own timeline. The Lionsgate opening brings with it the rebirth of our spirit energy, and the pyramids in Giza itself are exactly aligned so that we can receive information from the star Sirius. Essentially, the information that we receive is ancient wisdom because there are many higher dimensional beings within the Orion’s belt that are the carriers of ancient knowledge. The Sirians are the most revered beings of them all for their knowledge and great wisdom, they do continue to help us by transferring their energy and awareness with the Sun and mirroring it into our Earth. They are the keepers of the ancient Knowledge and they are sharing it with humanity. We in return become the keepers of their knowledge that is returning to our Earth. The Sirians transfer their energy, all their awareness, their ancient knowledge, and they’re love for humanity through their higher frequency. Transferring energy from Orion to Earth is exactly what the Lionsgate is all about and we’ll see this universal knowledge take shape in the months to come as we create more New.

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