Multidimensional Glitches Within Reality: A New Earth Hologram Is Glitching Into New Earth Reality.

Multidimensional Glitches Within Reality

From time to time; I find myself experiencing life in a Multidimensional manner. There have been momentary periods where reality and how I am viewing it,  it glitches, because reality is so much more complex than what it really is. There is no more than just one reality that fits all for the entire collective. Reality is interchangeable. There are multiple ways of viewing reality as it is and many of us have experienced more than one aspect of how reality functions. I don’t experience this phenomena very often where reality glitches because I am not always allowed to see the many changes that are happening on Earth, and at times I choose to close myself off from it all.

Reality glitched for me once again on August 27, 2023. I was surprised when it happened again because it hadn’t occurred for me in such a long period of time that I was shocked by it. On the Sunday, I was reading Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak. I suddenly felt everything in front of me glitch and disappear, and a new Hologram of New Earth became visible right in the living room area. I’m sitting there observing reality go in and out, while realizing that I need to immediately leave my physical body because my higher self was nudging me to do so. As we move further into the next few years and as New Earth becomes the main Earth timeline, we all will experience so much more phenomena where dimensions will bleed-through. There will be so many who won’t know where they are anymore, because they will not be able to locate themselves within the New Earth reality.

The very first time that I ever experienced Multidimensional Glitches Within Reality was when I was seven years old and this was back in 1997; I was left home alone and reality had opened up. I was sitting there in another dimension where the Christ Consciousness was approaching me from the upstairs region, while I was physically sitting on the stairs of my childhood home. This was a terrifying experience for me at the time because I was Seven, my awareness was so open to Multidimensionality of our Earth reality. It was like I understood it but I was too young to completely grasp all the dynamics, and I remember going straight into fear of it because glitching through different dimensions of what reality is wasn’t taught. I naturally feared the glitch and the connection was lost. I didn’t have an experience like that again or become aware of them until after March 2014, when I physically awakened my Starseed template within. That was probably the most important memory of my childhood to this day, and it was mainly because I was already making so many Ascension volunteer connections with New Earth. I was designed to have experiences with different aspects of reality, and so are humans that are living on Earth as we move through the Ascension Process. 

Multidimensionality is understanding that reality isn’t just what we believe it to be, that there are multiple layers to it that can be tapped into. Our awareness can travel to these different levels of and layers that are within other dimensions of existence, and during many of the Ancient Civilizations like in Ancient Egypt we did this. We learned it. We reached a certain age and we were initiated to have our awareness fully expanded, you can think of it like graduating High School. These initiations would take place within the tunnels of the Sphinx, when we connected with Horus or Isis we were then able to access different dimensions within reality itself and to commune with higher dimensional beings within those spaces. We were taught to do this and to make all those Multidimensional connections with our awareness. These initiations were very important to those who experienced them, and because I went through this during my Ancient Egyptian lifetime in 11,750 B.C. I re-experienced that initiation in the tunnels of the sphinx because everything is always happening simultaneously. 

New Earth Hologram: A New Earth Hologram Is Appearing 

On Sunday August 27; Reality Glitched and I became aware that I was surrounded by and within a Hologram of New Earth as it was currently manifested at this level. It was like having an internal view of what goes beyond 3D reality and what 4D reality is like, because we move from 3 to 4 in order to reach 5D. It was static in nature; it felt so disconnected but totally connected to the 5D. There were a few animated images that I found that shows this experience, and you can really see that there is more to Earth than what meets the eye. Holograms and Holographic language is a 5D capability, and many higher dimensional beings do this as well. There are many spaces within the higher dimensions where holograms of light exist, rooms (what is preceived as that,) where you can view history, past lives, other planets, the evolution of Earth and there are even holographic books that work in the same manner. Where the images rise up and you can see and feel everything going on within it’s context, the hall of records comes to mind when shown in the higher dimension. This Hologram of Earth was showing me just how reality really looked and felt, and how far we have come along as conscious creators of this new 5D reality on Earth. 

The Lionsgate Portal For 2023 on 8:8 was so important – It helped insert new information into the Earth Reality. It helped the Earth erase a lot of it’s 1D and 2D elemental components that were stuck in the grid line, while inserting new information to be accessed through the collective awareness. It really did shift reality itself and that is why it was so important in 2023, and it made reality and multidimensionality more easily accessible to the collective alive right now if they want to access it. Many don’t and many will not choose to access this as not everyone is ready, there are many different people on various levels with this. In these great Ascension times we must discern who is where and why, and that includes discerning me and what I write for yourself. We will be experiencing more of these Multidimensional Glitches Within Reality the more that we step into September as well as 2023 and beyond. 

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