Hold A Safe Energy Signature: Be A Safe Human For Other People.

A Safe Person: New Humans Are Safe For Other People

As an Ascension Volunteer; I have tried all my life just to find a balance between keeping myself safe in this world and in being a safe person for other people who I am around on a daily basis. It can be difficult to be any kind of example because anyone can be misrepresented in this day and age, we all experience different forms of lessons and sometimes the hard lesson is that sometimes you’re the one that isn’t safe to be around other people. I have had that realization about myself and that is why I have had to work hard at knowing ME, if there is something off with my energy I deal with it. I am the one who does the work and I keep my distance from other people on days when I am off. I am not perfected; I am always a work in progress and I understand that. The majority of people don’t and they are not as aware of when they are the problem. 

To be a safe human we have to see all of our own imperfections, and we have to realize that on some days we are the ones who are not safe for other people and that distance is necessary. I remind myself that I AM responsible for who I am and the energy that I carry around. There is no one who is responsible for me. There is no one who is responsible for doing my work and there is no one who can change my view point when I am being negative. A huge part of how I AM a safe person for other people is by being aware of ME, and in noticing when I am having a bad energy day. I am reminding myself to do the work and to stay clear of people until I have. That’s what being a safe person means in my honest opinion. 

This Earth Reality is all about organic and inorganic energy. There is energy in every single human being alive today who has their own Energy Signature, which they carry around with them. The (Oceans, Rocks, Animals, Plant life, and Sacred Sites) it all carries energy and we know that – not all energy is uplifting, there are many animals and people who do hold their own specific energy signature and it can be at a lower frequency. It can also be at a high frequency. There are so many layers and levels to people, animals, and nature, and reality itself on this Earth. The only constant is that this Earth is a cesspool of all kinds of energies that are mixed-up together, and depending on who you are and your level of awareness it is difficult to know what energy is safe. How can we know when we can be safe? When should we pay attention to ourselves and our actions when we’re not being safe for others? I pay attention to how other people react to me and I usually step away from others that I feel are not in a good space. Those are the main tools that I use to navigate myself, and really taking the time out to be aware of the energy in your surroundings is important too!

September 2023 has arrived; the commotion has really begun to unravel with the energies this month. There are currently six planets that are retrograde and that magnetic pulling that each and every single one of us feels towards the Equinox is getting closer. Both September and March are the two most powerful months of the year, that is because both Hemispheres get equal amount of sunlight from the Sun. There is a complete balance and because of that, we tend to feel hyper-charged during these time periods. We’re more likely to feel more in alignment, or we’re thinking about how we need to be. The frequency of our energy changes; I am sitting here writing this and all that I feel is a super charged energy moving through my body. With intense ear ringing blasting through my head and ears. This is how I have felt all September long. When we feel much more aligned, the energy in our body changes and that can be difficult to navigate. That also attracts other people to us, and then it can leave us open to all kinds of different energies. I have found it difficult to know when it is safe to be near other people, and when I am safe to be around other people to. One wrong intention and I can effect the life path of another person, one wrong mindset and I miss out on the chance to positively influence another person with my actions. We are creatures who are profoundly influential. We have the ability to make someone’s day or ruin it, the power of our words and body shapes the whole world around us.

It Starts With You: Hold & Carry A Safe Energy 

What Is Safety? Safety and the state of feeling safe is defined as the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause irreparable danger, risk, or injury to and from another person. In order to feel safe and be safe for another – it has to start with you, and that means living through the heart. I mentioned this earlier that for most of my life; I have had to balance when I feel safe to be around other people and when I felt that they were not safe around me. Personal responsibility does come into play here, because I have learned that I need to monitor ME at all times. I realized that personal responsibility was the only way that I knew how to be a Safe Person For Another Person. It starts with you and how you manage your energy, then there are moments where deciding what is a danger to you is important to. How you hold and carry your energy really matters and learning to work with energy and your body is important.

There have been and will continue to be people who will cycle in and out of your life, Who Are Not Safe People and that has nothing to do with whether we are advanced or starting out on this Earth. It is obvious that many people choose to align there energy with lower frequencies, that is a personal choice and they can choose whatever they want because this is the great experiment. Free will is law. I am in no position to judge because I also abide by the laws of free will just like everyone else. I choose and have chosen to return here as an Ascension Volunteer and these little articles that I write are just small messages. All have the right to learn at every level and to do with their energy as they please. How we react to people is important; I usually state that I see who is who and where they are and I distance myself and allow that to take form. There is no single direction that is the wrong one, and each flower blooms in it’s own time during the spring season. There are many who will and who do become angered when you point stuff out, there are those who will become energetically unsafe around you even if you open a door. An unsafe person will react instead of integrate, part of my being a safe person is knowing when to allow people to just be. It is safe for you and safe for other people around you. The safest decision is the healthiest one, and if it ain’t your broken stuff to fix then don’t fix it.

It all starts with you and as we move into September and beyond, we’re going to see how all of these energies are going to be in play. Once we cross the 12-31-23 date (which is a 123/123 frequency date,) we will cross into Pluto in Aquarius early next year. This will begin to activate more DNA within more of the population. Those who understand all of this, we know how important that it is to be a safe person right now.  Be the safest person you can be for those who are just going to begin understanding that New Earth is being created right now. 

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