Escalation Of World-Wide Energy Surges: The Elemental Clearing Of Earth’s Lower 2D Energies.

Escalating Energy Surges: Another Deep Excavation Of Lower 2D Elemental Energies 

September 2023 has been another huge one on an Energy Scale alone and I haven’t really been writing much about all that I feel on a physical level. I will in this article because I think people need to know that they aren’t alone during these crazy intense times. What has been happening in September is exactly what happens every single time that we do shift into NEW energies, and it tends to flush out anything and everything that is not in alignment with the New Earth reality and where we are within the Ascension Process. This happened and it has been happening all month long and because it did happen my physical body went into a severe reaction to these lower 2D elemental beings that were removed. 

Anyone who has followed my online writing over the years knows that I often mention how sensitive I am to the elements. The four elements and Metal makes five. I am extremely sensitive to Earth Activity and most Ascension Volunteers are, all kinds of people really tend to be. In September we experienced an Earthquake in Morocco, which hit at 11:11 pm on Friday September 8th. In early September Super Typhoon Saola hit Hong Kong, China and Macau. On September 2 Storm Daniel in the Mediterranean formed and affected Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Libya where it got hit the most with catastrophic flooding. In Brazil flooding from record rainfall hit the state of Rio Grande Do Sol. The Burning man festival floods that trapped tens of thousands of people for days. Last but not least Hurricane Lee which churned around in the Atlantic running up the East Coast with it’s exhausting energy. I haven’t even talked about August which was another how did my body survive that month fiasco. 

The Four Classical Elements are listed as: (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) and many people do include Metal as a Fifth element. All four elements have their purpose and whether we like it or not, we are fated to be at the mercy of the elements. The Earth is an Energy planet and the elements are a means used to fuel that Energy for specific higher reasons, the Earth is it’s own living entity and we forget that sometimes we are living on Earth. Earth is not living for us. We also don’t realize that the Earth knows exactly what the Earth is doing, and we have to understand that Earth has changed in composition for billions of years since it formed. The Earth goes through many intense periods of heat and frigid cold, sea levels rise and waters dry up exposing lands that were once known before. The Earth moves land masses and thrashes them up against one another, forming NEW continents and civilizations where people have the opportunity to come in and have those experiences. When we sign up for Earth life we sign up to be a part of Earth and to endure the elements with Earth, and there are components to why the Earth uses the elements like this.

The Earth is considered a 3D planet and although we have begun shifting into a 5D frequency planet we as Human Beings are always very stuck within different Dimensions. There is the 2D which is beneath the soils of the Earth and we have the 4D which is the space and dimension just above the physical Earth. We are always dimensionally challenged by endless layers of consciousness, because of those Dimensional levels. The 2D is an elemental dimension that is underneath the Earth but just above the Crust and Mantle, this area is just filled with specific Non-Human spiritual entities who get blocked by certain plant life from escaping into the 3D. Trees have an important component on Earth other than just to help control Global Warming. There are certain events on Earth that damage the lands and that cause wounds on the Earth, and then Earth needing to heal removes the wounds by using the elements to clear them from the 2nd Dimensional plane. These wounds retreat downwards into the bottom of the Earth and it stays there, until it get’s released by the Earth in some form or another. In September 2023, there have been ancient wounds that have been cleaned up and removed in the 2D Elemental Dimensional Reality.

Earth: Earth is a powerful element that grounds energies.

Water: Water is also powerful because it cleanses the energies.

Fire: Fire is destructive in nature but it functions by transmuting energies.

Air: Air acts as a means of circulating the energies around the planet.

September 2023 Body Template Redesign: Escalated Level Of NEW Triunity Energy 

In February 2023, I remember writing an article titled: New Triunity Light and at that time we had just experienced a small earthquake in the area that I live in. Then the very next day the big one had hit Turkey as a 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake. I had never felt such energy at that level before and it was the most body retched that I had ever felt, I didn’t think I was going to physically make it with all that I experienced. That entire month in February I was in a physical blur where I could not even function, and when it was happening I was aware of the fact that we got hit with NEW energies that I don’t think the Earth has felt in a long time. If we wanted compressed evolution while living in our tiny physical bodies, well then we got all that in spades. I initially called these NEW energies Triunity Light and I did so because we are in the process of finishing Earth life living in Duality and stepping into Unity living. Triality Consciousness is the same thing but because I wanted it to sound different than Triality, I chose not to use that term for specific reasons.

In September 2023, we got hit both with NEW Triunity Light and we experienced a worldwide clearing of ancient 2 Dimensional Elemental energies from within the deep soils of the Earth. I instantly knew that we had yet again experienced another download of Triunity Light Codes because they felt similar to when we first received them in February. My body went into the same severe reaction as it did the first time, but not at the same level as even a few months ago. I have done massive energy clearing work so that I don’t have to experience those pains, even with that I felt it straight away. I have been dealing with a complete redesign of my body template, and the only way that it seems to be manifesting is by buzzing throughout my entire body. I have felt these Triunity energies buzzing through my body and deep into my feet. My feet have taken the brunt of these energies, and the internal pounding has felt relentless and that’s not when I feel too tired to get up. I think the worst part of it was felt on Wednesday into Thursday when I could barely sleep and was wide awake, then the New Moon hit and ever since I have slept non stop.

The Solar Activity has been high again too and with geomagnetic storms hitting the Earth, it’s no wonder everything has been everywhere on a physical level. This is a period to acclimate to these NEW Triunity Light Codes at this level and these energy surges are happening world-wide. This is happening everywhere now unlike before when it was just happening in those of us who could embody, and within locations that were at a higher frequency. This will continue to get more amplified the closer to the Fall Equinox that we get which is on September 23.

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