Into September 2023’s Equinox: A New Multidimensional Possibility Is Unfolding Within Reality Itself.

September 2023’s Equinox Energies: Harbinger Of Organic Energy Into The New Earth Reality

The Equinox is a harbinger of energy. There are two periods throughout the year where humanity experiences alignment and so does the Earth. There are two periods throughout the entire year where this happens and it is during the Spring (March) and Fall (September) Equinoxes. During these two important periods the Sun is equal in day and night, which means that the effects of the Earth’s Axial tilt become null and void. Humans experience the Earth at her most organic and those who are sensitive to energies understand this, we can feel this very natural Organic Source energy within our bodies.

The Spring and Fall Equinoxes are the only current representations of Earth from long ago before it experienced the cataclysm that it did. The Cataclysm that altered the Axial tilt of this Earth and gave us the orbit that we see and experience in today’s timeline. In Ancient Civilizations before this event the Earth was in alignment all year long with equal day and night, the stars and constellations would have been in different areas within the sky. The energies would have felt more natural and the information from higher dimensions would have flowed more easily on Earth in those time periods. Higher dimensional information can be stagnant when it comes into Earth during this period, but these last few weeks they have come in clear and natural. Many sensitives feel it in their body but this is how Earth is suppose to actually feel like all year round. Ancient Civilizations were in the flow. 

It was during the week of the New Moon (Sep 14) that the Earth Shifted Into A Stream of energy that I feel during two pivotal times during the year, that entire week we became in alignment and all of those energies began to push people and circumstances around as they do. There were many who felt this all of August too and I do remember witnessing glitches within reality during that month. These circumstances began for a few people in my family, and while I don’t get personal often on here with my life or family. I feel that I need to share these events to let people know how immensely different this year has been. I had to accompany my father to emergency on Sep (12) for an infected finger and then on Sep (13) my Nephew went to emergency due to an appendicitis. One needed surgery and the other was placed on two separate antibiotics to remove the infection. They both came home on Sep (15) and then the real horror began. The healing process had to take place and it still is.

The week before the 2023 Fall Equinox and those Energies arrived on Earth I was having a very brief, and yet intimate relationship with the Canadian Health Care System. The wait times were ridiculous to start off with, the doctors are arrogant, and unless you do know how to work people within the system itself, and have exceptional patience along with exemplary social skills you ain’t going to get very far. The movement was rather turtle like paced, and you cannot expect the same results in a higher dimensional reality like we see in 3D reality. Time doesn’t exist up in the 5th dimension and so five long hours or more waiting to be seen by a doctor is exhausting on the physical body, I left that ER because as a clairvoyant I just could not stay there for another second longer. On Sep (16) I had to contact at Home Care and It was the most eye-opening experience that I have ever had, it was that bad because they were not organized. I spoke to two separate workers and then the Nurse who was really positive, I suddenly realized that I need to get in the flow if I wanted to move into this new reality. I took it for what it was an experiment. Then on that same day the clinic called so that my father could get his antibiotics intravenously, so I booked the appointment.

On Sep (18) I went with my father to the Clinic and all the while feeling extremely awful because of what I was experiencing physically myself, and we got hit hard this past week with multiple CME’s and Geomagnetic Storms which sparked endless Aurora Borealis. On Sep (22) a day before this year’s Equinox, we got hit with an energy-wave that changed consciousness itself. It then dawned on me that these events leading up to the Equinox was all just one big experiment, an experiment that the people around me were having in order to learn as best as they could about how to function within reality itself.

New Multidimensional Possibilities Within Reality & New Options For Humanity 

Reality itself is not fixed! Reality has no structured components to it and that is why reality over these last few decades has become more fluid than Solid. I like a little bit of structure to all thing’s and anyone does, but reality itself will always bring with it Multidimensional Possibilities Within Reality. There are always new aspects of reality that are bleeding through, and new options for humanity to evolve, spaces to inhabit, and for reality to modify itself. This has been more apparent this year and because of these changes to our Earth more possibilities are showing up now to align with the New Earth reality. This year has felt like people and their bodies have gone into massive overdrive, and that has to do with these new possibilities for all people to align with New Earth. Never before have people become more aware of these possibilities than right now and many more people will become so much more aware of these happenings within reality in the future.

The Concept of Multidimensionality is that we become more aware that there are more than one aspect to the concept and process of any object, a person, a planet, and the functioning of said organisms and their environments. Reality is nothing but a hologram with which we can see through with our POV, and there are times when what we see has layers to it. There can never be any one person or object that is just one dimensional, nothing is an ‘aspect’ it has ‘aspects’ about it that adds to the functionality of it. The more that we realize and take notice of the multidimensional aspects of the environment around us, the more we will see reality for what it really is. Reality is an opportunity to become fluid within our physical body and to have the experience that we choose to have. Reality is not just what we think it is expected to be, and neither should we expect to live and exist within it in that way.  There are way too many people around the world that still think reality is very limited and solidified and they cannot see how it is constantly unraveling. How it is changing.

The next few years 2024-2025 and these next high frequency energies are going to completely shift people out of their limited ways of looking at reality itself. This and I haven’t even written much about Consciousness and how it is forever changing in multidimensional ways. This September more of these possibilities have become actual reality, so pay attention to them when reality feels even more wonky and fluid than usual.

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