Accessing New Earth Reality: The New Earth Reality Exists Within Your Body & Consciousness.

Accessing New Earth Reality: New Earth Reality Is Accessed Through Your Body and Consciousness.

New Earth and the Holographic Reality of light that is inserted through the various star systems, at this time, is the new current system for the Ascension Volunteers alive at this time. To say this another way; How people think is how they create their own version of reality. The Earth is filled with Billions of realities, and many of these realities are connected to our bodies and consciousness. What is happening with our thoughts is how we perceive reality on this Earth through our own individualized consciousness, which is connected to our physical bodies. The new Earth exists within our body and our consciousness, which begins to receive information via planetary stars and higher dimensional realities that exist in other locations within the universe. With information being ushered in from our ancient star light Progenitor(s). 

Reality is always changing. These changes do occur because we change how we perceive new information that get’s downloaded into our body and our consciousness. Then there are certain other beings within the 4D Astral Plane that twist certain realities, they also have the power to insert and weave fabricated stories into our lives. To create fabricated events that are inserted into our daily life and thoughts, for their own specific purposes. Whether it is to feed off of human emotions and fears, that, or to find some way to regain, and remain in some form of control. In this time and age of transition how can we know what reality really is? Let alone what New Earth reality feels like. How can we know what is true and fabrication? We begin by understanding who we are and what feels true for us, and how that feels for us as we begin to collide with New Earth. 

Realities exist by the Billions on Earth. There is also a simultaneous aspect(s) to all thing’s that are always happening right now, and then there are realities that bleed-through from other time periods and Parallel lives. The most interesting thing about living and existing in 2023, and within the Ascension Process is that everything is all out in the open. The veil has somewhat ceased to exist in the last decade or two, and as we move further into New Earth Reality we’re going to have to learn to consciously create it. There are no rules when it comes to what defines Reality and what we make of this world. How can we Access New Earth Reality when we don’t know the rules and how to differentiate between real or inserted realities. I know that many other people have felt like 2023 has felt like people have gone off the rails, the truth as how I view it is that we’re only now just seeing fully what has always been there this entire time. When the veil drops we get to witness what really dwells on Earth, within all of it’s realities.

The changes to New Earth Reality started to take unknown directions in August and into September, and with the start of October revealing more of these layers and levels to multidimensional Reality. This will continue to build up the closer we get to the Solar Eclipse on (Oct 14th,) which will reveal so much more of these hidden realities and timelines. The Earth and all people are like onions and so we have layers that we peel back, the more we peel the more we see and know about ourselves. We must pay close attention to what we see right now and what comes up for us individually, peel back those layers and find out what is real and what it an inserted reality and timeline. What emotions feel real to you and what part of your day is what you create and what is trying to be inserted into your life that is not organic and positive. 

The Consciousness & Physical Body Knows When It Is In New Earth Reality

When questioning reality and we all do it on a daily basis – when it feels baffling to the nervous system, we understand that this means something weird is going on within certain locations and people that are all around us. The only way that I know that I am traversing realities that are not part of the New Earth Reality, is when they feel darker around me. When I am personally living and existing on New Earth Reality I feel such a joy. There is a knowing within my physical body and consciousness that I am there, and when my body is not there it tells me so. The body and consciousness is an important connection and for many there is a misalignment happening within humanity. There are still too many people who are aligned with other realities, and so many people who are still so trusting of inserted realities that give them all kinds of information that has a distorted vibration to it. 

The Physical Body is the Center for all information to come through and the Consciousness is the expression of this information. When we witness someone or multiple people who hold and express dark behaviors and mannerisms, which is expressed in an very public manner we know that there is information that is different coming in. Different realities create different information, and existing within New Earth Reality has the highest possible information available to the public. Even our emotions and thoughts are of the highest when we are within that range of New Earth Reality and all of it’s layers. We are going to find that as we move into October 2023, that so much more of these unknown realities will reveal themselves. We will be collectively triggered to feel certain emotions and fears from unknown to us sources. I know that I already have experienced this multiple times this month with inserted events that has tried to instill certain emotions out of me. I have continued on my way and have remembered that New Earth Reality is here now and my highest possible reality to exist in. I stay there as much as possible and so can everyone right now. 

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