Into October 2023’s 10/10 Portal: Playing Around Within The Sand-Box Of A Universal Playground.

Active Earth Gateways & Portals: Playing Around Within A Universal Playground.

The Earth is a multidimensional playground. There have been all kinds of events happening on Earth in 2023 that has left everyone shocked and confused. I cannot stress this enough this year; NOT everyone is living within the New Earth reality and they have no idea what is even going on right now. There are plenty of reasons why life has unfolded in the way that it has, and it mainly has to do with what is entering and exiting our Earth. Where they are entering from and the reasons behind their arrival. Who they are influencing and why they’re influencing some groups. We don’t just receive energies and information from the various higher dimensions and star systems, we are receiving lower energies from negative E.T’s that do not have our best interests at heart. 

There are active Gateways and Portals scattered across the Earth. There are those whose jobs are to travel to these portals and gateways so that they can close them, and then there are those whose jobs are to visit positive openings to gather higher dimensional information that is coming through. Then there are others who are meant to visit certain sacred sites where these gateways of high information are, in order to awaken themselves and to rewire their internal body circuits. There are many people who are here in this time who have multiple jobs to do, and these would be those who are called onto open and permanently shut these portals up that no longer align with the new earth reality that we are living in. 

In all of the time that I have been writing online about the Ascension process and my own personal experiences; I never imagined that I would be so open about all that I would be writing about. The information within this article is likely not anything new and most likely people are very aware of this, and it is possible that there are many who are still not aware of this information as of yet. Our Earth is a Multidimensional Playground for countless energies and information from higher dimensions to enter into. As this is a free will reality there are countless energies and information that is entering this plane from darker sources within the 4thDimension, who do not have humanity interests at heart. They are here to collect energy from fear frequencies, control consciousness for themselves, and generally they want to keep everything in chaos as much as possible. Those who understand light know that it does NOT operate by putting one against the other, we want to be safe for other people and live in a society that holds the highest vibration. Light is safety and it is nurturing for all people, but because this is a free will reality these darker energies are allowed to do whatever they please here as well. This makes it difficult for those who have been called on to assist with raising the frequency of this Earth, whether it was as an Ascension Volunteer or actively coming from a higher location within the higher realms. 

This Earth Reality is all covered in an obscene amount of Gateways and Portals (both positive and negative ones,) and within these locations there is a lot of information that is streaming through from different locale within the higher dimensions: 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D and higher. There are certain beings who are here now to work specifically with these portals, and many Ascension Volunteers are assigned to open positive portals and to close negative ones. These Ascension Volunteers are here on missions and jobs. Through these gateways, information from other star systems, higher E.T beings, and the universe come through in order to advance humanity at this time. There are many people who receive this information and understand it, and then there are other people who receive it and it doesn’t filter through for them. Those who are experiencing chaos within themselves are not yet aligned with all of this positive information, but those who understand the blockages and clear them are doing the work in order to be in alignment. Then there are groups who are working with negative portals and negative energies, now these are willing participants within the negative agenda. They continue to bombard the collective population with inserted dramas and then pretend to care about those who are suffering within them, only to relish in the chaos behind closed doors. 

Active Earth Gateways & Portals: New Realities & Those Layers Will Be Exposed To The Collective.

Ever since the Solar Eclipse (Oct 14th) we have been exposed to more realities that have been bleeding through, and October has felt like more Negative E.T’s have been accessing the negative portals more for fuel power. The lead up to the Solar eclipse was spiritually difficult, because of the one portal that was accessed in the middle east. It isn’t that these realities are NEW, it’s just that they have always been there and now they are beginning to come out more. The collective is starting to see what is really going on with certain people, and what they really are aligned with in terms of what certain information that is coming through. The negative agenda has always been living within realities, and part of that agenda is to create as much chaos for humanity as possible. What causes chaos? War does. It creates millions of opportunities to feed off of other people and their energy, through their emotions. The emotional system is connected to the nervous system, and when we express certain emotions we are emitting our own frequency. Whether it is happiness or sadness. These emotions carry a vibration and how these active Portals and Gateways work is through accessing energy from emotions and thoughts.

Those who are the most sensitive to Inserted Dramas by those who are actively participating within the Negative Agenda, will most likely feel it in our bodies before it happens. I felt this latest chaos event from these negative E.T’s as we moved into early October, and through that one negative portal in the middle east which happened a few days before the 10/10 portal. This October portal-way brings and seeds higher information and this year it was unlike anything I ever experienced, then when combined with the Solar Eclipse we received some of the most potent energy of this year. I removed a blockage that I had stuck for decades and it freed me up in new ways that I could only have imagined, I accessed the Solar Eclipse energies in order to do it. Reality is forever changing and as we move into these last few weeks of 2023, we are going to continue to witness them blow up sky high and what will reveal itself will shock more of humanity. This is the exposure of all realities – positive and negative – and this is all about learning that we are apart of the Multidimensional Playground that is Earth.

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