Energetic Contract(s) During Life: Certain People Hold Energy & Are Meant To Shift Their Energy Into Your Life.

Energetic Contract(s) Appear In Life: Energy Contracts, Those Who Hold It & Lessons That Need To Be Learned From It. 

There have been countless moments in my life when I have been aware of an important energy that would enter my life. It was just a feeling. Then there were energies whom I knew that I needed to initiate contact with, because I had unfinished business with them on an energy level. There needs to be a release that is made in order for anyone to move on permanently, and that involves certain familiar energies. It is so specific that it can only be those energies and many energy imprints return to either help or hinder your progress. Even those who are helping with the Ascension Process are here to learn, whether your a Starseed, Indigo & Rainbow Child, Intuitive etc.

I never was aligned with the idea that we have certain contracts with other souls/spirits, because who would agree to incarnate on this Earth and be married to an abusive person for 25 years and then that is it. I always understood it to mean that we do have contracts with different levels of energies, the human body is just a shell vessel for that energy. I don’t pay mind to certain new age concepts of soul/spirit contracts, it’s really just energy contracts. When you’ve decided that you are very done participating with that level of energy that is in your life, you have the free will to move on from that energy at any time you want. No one is ever obligated to anyone in this life, and you can take those lessons with you into the next chapter. 

In December 2022; I knew eventually at some point that I needed to cut all ties with a microscopic group of people by removing the Energetic Contract that I had with them. The small group of people were certain people that I had met up with again for a second time in this lifetime, and I knew them from our first life together in the Yucatan in Mexico during the Mayan Civilization. This particular lifetime was difficult for me and meeting up with these familiar energies again, that were in different bodies while playing different roles was not easy for me.

In January 2023; the Energetic Contracts were terminated and I began to notice a backlash between certain people from this past lifetime who were with me. One approached me about why I decided to end the energy ties permanently, I never bothered to give a reply about it. We’re now in the final weeks of 2023 and about half of them have moved on from where we used to work together, and I am still living the best life that I can. I have also forged ahead and continued to remain as present as I can in this current life. There are many that I do Choose with whom I want to participate with still, there are many with whom I do not. This is free will. Even then there are many that I do speak to and on certain days I distance myself from them. The energy is always there and you can choose whether you want to participate with it, move on from it all entirely, or, participate in new life events during certain moments. The one thing that no one is allowed to feel is obligated to another person, we are all energy and we do what we need to in order to learn how to navigate ourselves in any incarnation.

Energetic Contracts Appear In Life: Removing Energy Contracts, Letting Go & Finding New Directions Away From The Past.

There isn’t one single person (alive today) who is not currently in an Energy Contract with other energies, unless this is your first life on this Earth and you are here to familiarize yourself with the space. Then you really won’t have that much contact because you don’t know very many energies here to work with, you have NOT had the experience and anyone’s first life here is an experiment all on it’s own. It can go either way according to the decisions that you made prior to arriving here. There are energy contracts that are also made here on Earth and these are easy to steer clear from, if you don’t want to enter into a relationship or friendship then examine the energy and if it feels off then don’t make contact with it. Having certain life experiments with other energies is exactly what you are doing, but nobody EVER at any point has to remain in contact with people who abuse their energy. This is a removal of an energy contact/contract and you can get out of it by ignoring the energy and going on about your life.

Another way to remove oneself from unwanted Energy Contracts is by dealing with residual issues with that certain energy, whatever body that this familiar energy takes a form that it is in now. I have experienced this kind of contract ending by dealing with the residual issues. There needs to be self reflection, a willingness to let go and finding a way to move on. The residual energy will come up/out in memories, past life recall, events and even in emotions that you don’t understand completely. I have had this happen multiple times in different work settings. I understand this process and when you need to let go of the energy for good, it will come out naturally and at just the right time. The hardest part when dealing with residual energy, letting go, and choosing through free will to move on is to choose a new path to step into. Finding a new direction after releasing residual energy can feel like the loneliest transition, because then you don’t know what to fill the void in with. It all becomes difficult to understand what you need when the past is not weighing you down, and to eventually replace it with new experiences. In my opinion, contracts are meant to be broken and we all have the free will to leave behind energies not soul/spirit ties. There is a lot about the New Age Movement that I don’t agree with, and energy is what lives inside the body. How we learn how energy works the more we’ll understand energy dynamics, free will, and that we are free to live life and NEVER be tied down to anyone.

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