Shattering Realities Through The Heart: The Shattering Of Multiple Realities & Triggering The Heart.

Earth Is Shattering Left-Over Realities: The Shattering of Multiple Realities, The Heart & Triggering The Heart Response. 

While humanity is still in a transitional process while shifting into 5D New Earth and those NEW frequencies, we will be experiencing this transition for decades to come. The 22nd century will be and feel even more Aquarian in nature than right now, and a massive aspect of this transition is the purging out of incompatible energies. The Earth has it’s very own cleaning-up system when it comes to those lower vibrating humans, who think that they can cause traumatic chasms on Earth. Whether physical destruction or energetic. The Earth always bounces back and responds in a way where it leaves us open to experience reality in new ways, realities that get shattered are the very ones that open our hearts. 

The current population of New Human of New Earth are learning that they are being Heart-triggered right now to change, to merge with New Earth and these new experiments within new earth reality. There are always inserted events and then there are opportunities for us to open our hearts as humans, this is what connecting with the Pleiadian(s) has taught me. The Pleiadians are here to help us all connect with our true emotions, and to open our hearts to one another through the movement into physical 5D heart life. 

I have intuited that November 2023 is going to be a lot like October was, in the sense that what we’re experiencing now is Multiple Shattering Realities that continue to unfold between Earth and all people. The start to November was like being jolted by the new Triunity Energies and those ever evolving light codes, and now that we’re moving further into the Photon Belt this will increase. The Solar maximum is increasing in intensity and they have mentioned that it will increase further during 2024. These are all contributing factors to these shattering events within reality and it is happening world-wide. I am going to do my best to be as active on here this month despite all of the energy, due to events that will unfold during this month. These events of shattering old Earth realities are going to be unfolding quicker for many people, it’ll last longer period(s) of time, and it will happen in ways that will look and feel destructive to the human perspective. It will involve the human system(s) and it will test the beliefs that each and every individual holds. That’s what shattering old earth realities means, we’re releasing ourselves from false insertions of what we believe our world is. Then we merge with the Heart and New Earth Reality.

I have worked with the Pleiadians for my entire life and I don’t necessarily want to consider myself a Channeler (because I don’t think that I am;) I am a conduit of information. I have received information from three 7D Pleiadians about the upcoming events for Earth, this information is more received just by tuning in. They have telepathically communicated to me (in 2023 especially,) about how humanity needs to open their hearts. The Pleiadians believe that human beings are out of tune with their emotions and that there are new realities that they can access by opening up their hearts. Whether they feels that is is good emotions or bad emotions, they stress the importance of connecting with how one feels. The expression of emotions is healthy and leads to connecting with ones heart, and accessing higher forms of consciousness and information in higher dimensions. They emphasize the importance of shattering ones own personal realities and triggering the heart, and for many people across the world there are global events happening that are triggering those hearts. 

Earth Is Shattering Left-Over Realities: The Left-Over Realities From Old Earth, Healthy Heart Responses & Actively Participating On New Earth.

As we continue to shift through the rest of November and December 2023; We will be actively participating in the Shattering Of Left-Over Realities From Old Earth. What does this mean? Well we are shattering realities yes, but, those realities are very much still parts of old Earth. These old Earth realities are still activated in the template of Earth and it was first inserted in by the old ancient gods. These insertions are currently being removed because New Earth is about freedom from ancient everything. The more humans evolve the more these old templates get removed. Anything that is part of old lower duality consciousness and lower vibrational energies, that is being removed because New Earth is being lived through the heart and not the mind or ego. All ideas about Male and Female roles are being thrown out of the history book, forming connections to ones own sexuality and to have a balanced outlook on integrated feminine and masculine attributes is important to living on New Earth. Having a healthy balanced mind and heart through the heart and third eye chakra is important, anything that is not about the advancement of humans is not evolution.

The Heart and Heart chakra is one of the most important areas of the body that the Pleiadians work with, but the irony here is that the Heart is the most closed off and underactive chakra in human beings. We are so closed off to love and that includes the ability to love the self. There are many humans who are not even able to get past the lower chakras, but the Pleiadians have communicated to me that they are trying to reach more people by having them connect to their own heart centres. Connecting with the heart. Falling in love. Self-care and self love. Expressing our emotions. Thinking about something that brings us joy. This all connects us to the power of the heart and to love. This opens our hearts. This is a healthy heart with a healthy heart response. The best way to have healthy heart responses is by participating in life, and in the New Earth Reality. Whatever you love, whatever it may be express it.

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