November 2023’s 11/11 Portal: The Culmination Of Old Timelines & Freedom From Familiar Realities.

November 2023’s 11/11 Portal: Culminating Timelines & Freedom From Familiar Old Earth Realities. 

When we begin to pay attention to the events in our lives we find that there is a rhythm to everything that we do, and that is a doorway for us to then access higher levels of awareness. Which then leads to accessing higher dimensions and in understanding that we are multidimensional. Over this past week I spent most of my time observing reality, because I knew that the rhythm of life was on the brink of changing. When I did that; I realized that we were in another period of intense reality erasure. There are timelines and realities that are shattering, and I have felt this all November long. 

There are those who write about the event, changes, thing’s to come and then they jot down specific dates. They prophesize when certain events are going to happen on a massive collective scale, or, just when they will happen to small groups. We’re all participating when we need to, and when new energies arrive via certain locations within our universe, it comes in tapped into the different dimensions of reality. These energies are the events, they are what we can use to change ourselves. We are the event! The energies that we are embodying are the event! We have a responsibility to shatter aspects of our identities that no longer serve us, and aspects of the collective identity so that we can create more of New Earth. 

The entire month of November 2023 has been reality defining. We are once again in that familiar movement where the 11/11 portal is hitting us with advanced information, this is coded information and often times this information becomes one with our brains. Those who are not in tune will find it the most difficult to integrate it, and so certain areas of the body need to be cleared. This week reality has changed again as it naturally does when higher light information comes into our Earth, and there are both realities that are shattering and timelines that are disintegrating. I first noticed these Culminations Of Old Earth Timelines on Wednesday, and like I mentioned above the event is always us making necessary changes. The more that we make these changes the more these realities shatter, and certain timelines that we move through don’t repeat.

I have experienced enough Repeated Timelines and Time Loops from past lives and in parallel lives to know when they begin showing up again, and this past week this happened again when familiar people returned for a reunion in one of my lifetimes to culminate certain issues. I won’t go into the full details but I did my part to clear what needed to be removed on my end, so that those timelines and realities do not repeat themselves ever again. We are participants. We decide what we want to participate in and what we no longer want to with people from our past, present, and future. When we choose to release ourselves via which ever energy is arriving on Earth, we make room to change this Earth and we help New Earth and New Life arrive so much faster. We will create the new civilization and bring in what we want as opposed to doing what we are being told we have to do, we are the New Earth creators and we better start consciously manifesting this 5D earth that we want so bad ourselves. Remember to be the event that you want to happen so bad and it all starts with your way of thinking. Do the work! Stop waiting around for people to tell you that it’s coming soon. It’s happening now within you.

November 2023’s 11/11 Portal: Freedom From Old Earth & Creating New Realities that Lead To New Earth Civilization. 

The lead up to this year’s November 11/11 Portal and those matching frequencies, energies, light codes and information are coming in and absolutely changing the definition of reality. We are on a collision course to bringing all of the elements together to create a new society, and it’ll be a tremendous amount of time until that New Earth concept becomes a reality. This all won’t just manifest over night. The Earth will experience continued purging and restructure of it’s land masses, and more people will be born with the opportunity to spiritually evolve. There is a future civilization that is coming that will be extremely reminiscent of Ancient civilizations of long ago, where it’s people will have attributes within themselves that do embody the Age of Light. This future civilization will take place during a time in what many scientists are calling Pangea Ultima. A total unified continent. Humanity will be vastly different then and there will be absolute freedom for all, the kind of freedom that we do not have in this age. In this time. This is a time to purge. This is a time to begin participating and to learn about ourselves. In that future timeline, we won’t be learning about ourselves anymore. We will already remember and know who we are.

Think about what has happened to you today. What has happened to you this week and think about what timelines you have left behind. What realities have been shattered so far in November 2023? What are you participating in that is helping to manifest New Earth and New Earth Civilization in the future? What freedoms do you want to experience in the future: (There are body pain freedoms, freedom from earning a living, freedom from negativity, freedom from war, freedom from separation.) There are so many freedoms that we all want to experience, what are you creating in terms of these new (realities?) What are you over-riding in order to manifest it. We have been collectively working hard on removing old realities, and overriding certain negative entities within the 4D to free certain aspects of Earth. What will you now replace it with. What do you want to replace it with. This and so much more has been happening during this 11/11 portal this year and I’m enjoying my new found freedom, after releasing myself from old timelines that have not been good for me at all. What did the 11/11 energies do for you as an individual and how are you moving along with it.

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