Time’s Up Old World: A Complete Expulsion Of More 3D Dark Crap.

The Expulsion Of More Dark Crap

It’s been a little over a week since the Double 11 Portal Opening, and while the events for this year felt extremely different than any other year. I didn’t fully understand all that I experienced while living in that moment, sometimes with big events like this, you have to let life move on to fully grasp whatever modifications are made in the world and in your life. This is exactly what I experienced. The sudden realization and otherworldly nudges and hints, that were helping me figure out that the information was already there. I just had to fully see it for myself. The higher dimensional beings have a twisted and yet simple way, of getting messages across to those of us who choose to pay attention. I payed attention!

The Double 11 Portal was more than just a strange serious of events. They were telling me that the end is near. The end of a cycle. The end of a phase in our current evolution. The end of what people would classify as a “normal life,” because 3D earth is so normal? Right. I don’t think so! That higher information was there, just in the form of a feeling that I had. That this year felt different. Clairsentience is a wonderful gift when you can understand how something or someone feels. What I felt was letting me know that something drastic and huge is going to take place. It’s going to be an imminent shift.

I have been physically activated and living my own Ascension Process for about 5 1/2 years now. I have been an extremely sensitive person for all of my life, and I have had experiences with spirits, the spirit world, the Christ consciousness, for over the last twenty-nine years of my life. Also, I have had every single negative experience imaginable, happen to me by LowCon people, family, and strangers, everything aside from sexual abuse, which I am very fortunate enough to not have endured in this life. I have seen it all and experienced it all. While at the same time living within this specific world and three-dimensional reality. Where everything is darkness and negativity 24/7 and that can be exhausting. In saying that. Thing’s are going to be changing. Which is what I have understood through some of the higher dimensional hints and messages that I have been receiving, which basically states that more of the 3D Earth World is going to be expelled. This was like music to my ears, but I was also slightly confused because hadn’t we removed a good percentage of old earth by this point? 

What was explained to me: Is that an even greater percentage of old 3D earth was going to be removed in the very near future. This very old world that I have been living in, and existing in, for the last twenty-nine years is going to be further removed. All of this as I approach my Saturn return. Which I think is very important. A personal and collective cycle is about to end. So, I know that 3D reality and much of the world as we know it today and right now is going to end. Which will feel extremely disturbing to many people who like living in 3D earth. The Ascension Process does not care what LowCon people want, and to live in perpetual chaos, and insanity of the Piscean Age is too under-developed. It’s not much considering what I endure consistently, but if I can step into a higher space that I have helped physically manifest in a new world reality. Then half of my work is done.

Massive Connections To December 2019

This expulsion of more dark crap is also what I had seen in many of the visions(s) that I personally received back in August, about where we’re moving into soon. I feel like the timeline makes sense. December 2019. It makes a lot of sense for this massive change-over to take place in December of this year. Specifically, around the Solar Eclipse on Dec 26th. There are also a lot of thing’s happening right now that cannot be simple coincidences, minor connections, because they feel important and massive to be otherwise. It seems to be seeping into other parts of my life as well.

This past week; I received verification from the company that I work for, that the current location where I am presently employed, along with other locations, were going to be closed down. The keyword being: Closed down. Shut down. For good. Leaving everyone I work with, including myself to be left without a job or to be transferred. Those were the only options that we were given. This is not just happening to me, it is happening everywhere for everyone. There are a lot of companies, businesses, chains, franchises, that are going under and becoming extinct. They will not be coming along with us into where-ever we are about to move into. I have written about my job, about the people, and the connection to various energies that have come and gone. So, it is all over this website. In many of my article(s). I have worked here for almost four years now. The entire time that I have worked here; I have hated it. I thought; sure I am getting income so that I can continue to live, and to write these articles. I have kept this place going. However, I just have not enjoyed having to be in such a negative environment. The people I work with are and have been just as equally negative, disturbed, mental, deranged and borderline psycho. The situation(s) that have transpired here were full on attacks, some of the host(s) had no idea that they were being used or messed with. However, I did. It’s all karmic and past life related. I can whine and have a pity party all that I want, but it was all contracted to happen for me in my life. 

When I first heard about it. I told myself that I really was not shocked at all to hear that it was closing down. I knew it was coming and everybody else knew it was coming. That it would be happening. That it was only a matter of time. I knew in January and the months after, that this was going to happen. This place was going to go under and close. When they told me the closing date was for December 29th. I was left astounded and with my mouth opened wide to the floor. The fact that it was close to the Solar Eclipse on Dec 26th and that it was right after. I knew that this connection was the shift that I was going to be experiencing. The shift that the world is going to be experiencing. A new level and new cycle for everybody. A cycle that involves no longer having to deal with darkness up close, darkness and negativity at work, or, me having to be in this environment anymore. No more having to deal with an increased amount of negativity and darkness in our realitie(s) and on this planet. To an extent. The time really is up for the old world. It is a complete expulsion of more dark crap. So, who is excited? The expulsion of lies, the expulsion of cons, the expulsion of liars, frauds, businesses, abusive people, guru personalities, underhanded world-wide well known people, and many more world-wide systems, groups, events, that abuse the world and people alike for gain. 

After having been notified that what I had felt months in advance was going to happen and after the Solar Eclipse on Dec 26th. I started to think outside of myself and my specific area. Would this be happening world-wide? Most likely. I think that it isn’t just a slight incidence. I think it is a world-wide shift, change-over, transition, into a second aspect of Ascension and Evolution. Like Evolution on speed. Or Rapid Evolution. There is more coming I am sure, and of course we will all be experiencing this individually and collectively. However, what I feel is so strong right now. That we are moving into a second part of, a second aspect of, a second stage, or phase of Ascension and we will be rapidly evolving once again. Pay attention to what happens after the Solar Eclipse on Dec 26th and into the new year. 

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