The Double {11:11} Portal: It Is A Whole Different Kind Of Double Eleven In 2019.

Double Eleven Unlike Any Other

The 2019 Double 11/11 Portal has opened and closed for this year, but since I haven’t discussed the events of this Portal yet. I’ll write about what my personal experiences with this event for this year was like. There was an unmistakable aura around this years’ double 11/11 and the entire time it was happening, it felt different and it was unlike anything that I had experienced in previous years’. It felt like we were moving into an unknown direction, where as every other year it just felt like it was happening without a real emphasis on a movement in direction. I felt real change this year, a real tangible movement into some unknown space that felt unfamiliar to me. 

There was a sense that I was moving through this thick mist; I could slowly see something in the far distance and I was right there on the edge of something waiting to be birthed. I experienced this multiple times during the days leading up to, and after this portal opening. 

I can say without a doubt that this year’s Double 11 Portal was different than in any other year. Right down to the Light Energies and Codes that I was embodying into my physical body. They too felt increasingly different than ever before. If I were to compare what I experienced at around this time over these last few years, it would go something like this. In {2017} I was hit like never before physically with a huge light download for the entire week during that year’s double 11 portal. In {2018} everybody at my work where I work, suddenly started to leave for various reason(s) during the weeks before and after that Double 11 portal. While new people came in and began working with us. At a similar lower level or even lower. It all looks different side by side one another. Last year, there were an insurmountable level of changes that pushed out a lot of old people, old issues, and tiring situations out of my life. At the same time that aspect of my life started to get better. However, this year a lot of the old thing’s have started to shift right back into my life. This all happened for higher reason(s) and obviously for me to learn how to deal with them. This time with replacements that involved new people, new situations, and the same old issues which returned back into my reality. To be honest it’s felt like the same exact energy, just a different person. That is an appropriate statement. I have had to deal with this for many year’s and it is very unfortunate.

This is something that tends to happen for those of us who have been living our Ascension Process(s) for years. No matter how much changes, or, how different thing’s feel, or, how many new people enter your life for what ever reason – it always ends up feeling drenched in the same old lowest of the lowest, dark and nasty, negative consciousness, that has always roamed around on this planet. It happens time and time again. This year and with these energies, dealing with your issues is so important. Even, when you do people with lower energies will still show up in order for you to deal with them. I’m not saying that there aren’t patterns and lessons. There are. Especially, for those other people. Other times it is also that you are light and you shine it bright, some other people do not operate in that way. When that darkness senses you, it always tries to find a way to interfere with you. It happens. It happens to me and it will happen to you.

This year the current energies are once again pushing out, that old, familiar lower consciousness, and the people that are a match with that energy. However, these new light patterns and codes from this Double 11:11 Portal and the very next day Full Moon have felt different. It becomes frustrating to state the same thing at times, but I have not experienced energies like this, circumstances like this, and it feels like something is building up more and more as the days go on by. I wrote it at the beginning of this article, there is something that we are on the edge of because this feels like we’re quickly moving into unknown territory. It feels like we’re approaching something massive. It feels like we’re about to switch over to a part of our evolution that we have never experienced before. It feels like an ending. I have been feeling an extreme sense of ending and I have felt this way since June, and what is coming up for us during the end of December. Prior to this portal opening the events and how I deal with people, felt chaotic, and very messy at best. There was that obvious tension which I tend to feel when I am near people who are not a frequency match with me. However, the gap or energy split-up felt twice as different to me than the usual. After the exact date, life got more calmer and so did the physical embodying pains as well. 

There are three year’s worth of comparisons to read from. In {2019} this double 11 portal has felt calmer and quieter for sure, and with a snow storm that came out of no-where. It was a very unusual event for us to get a snow storm this early in the year. However, these new codes and light energies along with it’s patterns. These codes are different. They are stronger, and just like us these energies shift within the physical world and they manifest in different ways. All of these events told me that something big is imminent. That this early snow storm was brought on by more organic light energies, these event just never happen here in the part of Canada where I’m living anymore. This is the manifestation that occurred in my area this year and these are the thing’s that I have noticed. It has definitely been an eye opener how far we’ve come. The physical stuff has felt unbelievable for November too. There have been with a lot of serious head and brain gland upgrades. Here are a few symptoms that I have experienced with this year’s 11/11 Portal.

The 11/11 Portal Physical Symptoms 

In/Out of Consciousness: During this years Double 11; I have experienced  a repeated pattern of in/out of consciousness that I could not control. This happened on {Nov 8th} while in bed, and a huge download of light energy entered my physical body via the crown chakra and third eye chakra. I would wake up and then immediately be pulled back into sleep. 

Constant Ear Ringing & Pain: During this years Double 11; I have experienced ear ringing for many years now which is usual for me, but what is most unusual was the ear pain in my right ear. I have never had accompanied pain associated with ear ringing. This year was a first time for me. 

Lack of Sleep: During this years Double 11; I have experienced a progressive inability to sleep very much. I barely slept at all and aside from the one occasion, I didn’t find that I needed to remove myself from my body in order to function. 

Early Wake Ups: During this years Double 11; I have experienced a constant issue with waking up early in the morning and specifically at 3 am, this one ties into the lack of sleep as well. Any time that I would go to sleep early, or try, I found that I would wake up and be spending two-to-three hours awake and then falling back asleep. 

Sharp Painful Headaches: During this years Double 11; I have experienced some of the biggest, sharpest, most painful, headaches and migraines that I have in any other year. They happened on {Nov 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th} and stopped as soon as the {11th} came. 

These are the five main new physical body manifestation(s) that occurred for me during this portal opening, and it shifted most of my Pineal and Pituitary glands. Generally, it was a complete body system upgrade. These specific functions have been the ones that have bothered me the most, there are more but the list would end up going on for too long. If you have been feeling any of these symptoms, know that I am as well and many other sensitive people are also experiencing this right now to. It has been a new, unusual, different kind of {Double 11} for this year and the events are flat out strange. However, these are how these new energies are manifesting for us. It is a new normal for many of us. 

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