New Dimensional Light Space(s): Witnessing A New Dimension Of Light Being Anchored Down.

Entering A New Dimensional Space 

Over the past few weeks towards the end of May I started noticing that there were some thing’s going on outside up in the sky, and I mean literally outside in the open space that was extremely weird. I had never seen anything like this before on a psychic level, or, experienced this in this manner. This entire year, my psychic abilities have grown extensively and a big part of the growth, means that I can feel everything all around me in such higher and more profound way(s). So, to experience what I have been for a few weeks now and seeing what I have been, has sort of left me feeling completely connected and psychically anxious all at the same time. The thing is that I have been aware of the fact that we literally do shift, or move out of, or that we are literally physically ascending upwards into new locale and rather quickly, along with the earth, when strong light currents push us out and shake us from our previous level of lowly positions. It is another entire experience on a psychic level entirely when you can see the new level or Light Dimension that is about to be anchored, positioned, and while at the same time suffering headaches, and physical body aches and pains altogether at the same time. 

Below is what I have been seeing and experiencing since the end of May. This is all extremely important and seriously connected to the second Stage of the Ascension process. Not to mention all of it is connected to the June solstice and the Solar Eclipse that is coming ahead in a few weeks. 

Since the end of May 2020, I have been experiencing new codes, new energies and light energies that I as a Third waver have embodied into my physical body. Along, with these codes back in May 2020 I had ultra physical body sensitivities, especially in specific places that were not in alignment. An old back injury. Throat area. Headaches, and no it is not covid-19, because it all feels like an energetic buzzing to me. It also, caused me some serious new psychic sensitivities as well. Sensitivity to light, to noises, and vibrational currents coming from outside.

While experiencing these new codes, in this new and very painful and strange way. I kept hearing and seeing strange flashes that were coming from outside. The sun for some strange reason was emitting, and still is emitting that same release of this sharp, clash of the titans, kind of explosion, and my eyes began to hurt as I could see on a psychic level the explosion. The explosion was of light. Light explosion that were being sharply, and loudly being pushed and exploded outwards into space and space particle matter from the sun. By the sun. I couldn’t believe it as this never has happened to me, and the sound was such a loud, sharp, edge like, horrendous, actual explosion.

While the sun was exploding with Light every couple of seconds, which is what it seemed like to me in how I perceived the time intervals of this event. Then I began seeing a fresh, white, light filled, layer, of light as if it were another coating, or structure of land coming towards me. It kept pushing downwards and then moving back upwards, sort of like the two images that I have posted up above. Like it was edging closer and wanting to fully position itself, but it couldn’t just yet. I immediately got confused about what  I was seeing, and ignored it or tried to as best as I could.

A few days later, I suddenly got anxious, afraid, because I kept feeling like I didn’t know exactly where I was in time. Like I was existing somewhere, but it hadn’t fully manifested. That’s when I realized that the structure of light , had moved it’s location and I was meeting up with it on my end. While It was descending to my location. I realized in that moment that we were ascending and being shifted and pushed into a new Dimension of Light. I also realized that this was lining up perfectly with the Solstice and Solar eclipse. That we were literally being shifted upwards into a new dimensional space of light. 

This is what I have been experiencing on a psychic level since the end of May 2020. We are entering a new Dimensional Light Space: which means we are in a new territory of Light within the second stage, especially in regards to the earth and humanity as a whole. Like I have said this is the second stage and this is the Next Level Of Ascension and Evolution that is unfolding here, that is correcting life here, positioning us, and aligning us with these new powerful energies and with ourselves. If you have also been experiencing these ultra psychic sensitivities, picking up the solar explosions, and seeing the new structures of light coming down and almost fully aligning with earth and it’s new position. Then know that we are about to cross another huge bridge and ascend ourselves along with the earth higher into a new dimensional space. 

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