June 2020’s Solar Eclipse: New Fully Anchored Energies & New Personal Realizations.

We’re Fully Anchored

A lot of what I am going to be writing about in this article, is not something that I want to share with anyone, because it is both personal and extremely {Intense, Painful and Horrifying} all at once. However, as is the case with me often-times I understand that I feel a pull to share some bits and pieces of my life. Not personal information, or what not. Just a general experience here or there, that can make sense to those of you who may need to read it or understand it. It also helps in order to explain thing’s better, or to help someone else who might also be experiencing the exact same thing. 

What an intense Solar Eclipse that was. On a scale of 10 it was an 1000. From personal realizations about my life at the current moment, coming up to be seen and understood and corrected. To the fully new energies being anchored down into physicality. Along, with some private melt downs, unbearable physical pains and my bodies inability to cope with all the demands, it takes, to be someone who works with the light and for god as a human Light Pole.

This solar eclipse on (June 20th into the 21st) was the second one for this triple set and it sent me through the roof. I have never before released such intense emotional pains, physical pains and felt some unusual body part(s) in aches and pains. A lot of body parts felt like like they had been dislodged from their specific places, especially on my right side. Tense neck, shoulder blade aches, and all on my right side. I had and still have massive constipation and an inability to eat anything without anything feeling extremely tight. Along with that I was told a few days before this eclipse, by my doctor, that it sounded like from previous conversations and tests done at emergency, which I spent four hours waiting to do something else. That I was constipated and I may be suffering from IBS. Which I have been for years and already knew that. I didn’t need him to tell me that. Another juicy aspect of all of this just happens to be, that I have been dealing with that entire system of medicine. Which has annoyed me and left me feeling so insecure about what is going on with my body. As is the natural case. I learned something from this. To stop going to other’s for help unless I seriously require it. To stop giving my power away. To stop going against the process so much and trust, learn, discern and move forward. Personal realizations are extremely profound right now. 

We also finally experienced some profound end to specific energies, timelines, realities, and negativity within ourselves and the collective. Which is amazing to know and feel as well as experience. But painful. We also felt those new Solar, cosmic, universal, and galactic energies enter us and our bodies and sometimes that hurts. In both of these eclipse events on {June 5th} and {June 20th} they have hurt in physical ways that I never experienced before in my life and I seriously hope that they get easier, or that I and you all get used to them so that they don’t hurt us anymore in those specific ways. But, I DO UNDERSTAND why they do hurt right now. They have too. They need to. They are upgrading us in ways we have not yet understood. 

It’s now a few days later {June 25th} and I still feel off the charts tired, in pain, and completely wiped out entirely from the solar eclipse, Neptune retrograde and 6 planets being retrograde, along with Venus turning direct which has helped the pain some. I still haven’t even found the time to finish writing what I needed to for this article, or wanted to and almost didn’t because of everything feeling so bad I thought I would physically die. 

Prior to the {June 20th} eclipse I psychically saw a bright white light, energy field, or a white dimensional space that was entirely made up of light particles, slowly edging downward to be anchored into the earth and us. On the day of the eclipse and days before, while laying in my room I quickly saw this light dimension, light field, finally stop edging and completely and totally anchor itself into the basement where my room is located in my house. Then it proceeded to push itself downward into the ground, moving beyond the soil into the middle of the earth. This tells me that we have completely anchored this current next-level of light energy, codes, cosmic and universal into the earth and us. As well as in other planetary earths and in those being’s in our galaxy too. Because it and we are all connected within this Ascension process.

More of these changes are going to happen as we move into the third and last eclipse which should be even more potent. Drop whatever beliefs, density, negativity from yourself before this, because it will be the last event of this triple eclipse event to push us into more evolved beings and a more evolved species. Then, we’ll be in this new place and we have never been in this new space and time before. 

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