Crawling Out Of June 2020: The Triple Eclipse(s) & Those Severe Embodiment Pains.

Those Triple Eclipse(s) And Embodiment Pains

I have never experienced what I did on a physical level like I did for all of June 2020. Not even January and the first half of this year felt anything like that. Not even over six years ago when I first activated to begin my Ascension Process. 

That paragraph is not an over-exaggeration, it is not well put together words in order to make this article sound more dramatic. More interesting. June 2020 from start to finish, kicked my tired and broken ass across the room multiple times. From massive physical embodiment aches and pains, to an emergency visit that left me even more confused when I was told that nothing was wrong with me. Only to then find out that the Ascension Process and those new codes, lights, the eclipse(s) were behind all of these physical aches and pains. Which then taught me an important lesson about trusting the self and my own instincts above anything else. Oh boy … June was a long month and I literally had to crawl my way into July because it felt that severe.

This latest level that we find ourselves in right now in this new Next-Level within the Ascension Process. This is evolving us beyond anything and everything within ourselves and around us that is still functioning at a lower level. These Triple Eclipse(s) with one happening tonight, these have been removing all aspect(s) of anything still a frequency match to those old energies. This is the Second Stage of the Ascension Process and it is no longer the first stage. Which is why so many people are finding it extra hard, because a lot of people do not understand that we have moved into this secondary stage. So, you cannot continue to do things in the same way as you did before, because there was a cut-off point. Now, you are being called on to change and change in big way(s).

I barely watch the news anymore. I find it disturbing to watch the “end times” because it looks dirty, nasty, vile, and disturbing to me. When I do watch it I cannot for too long. I don’t really go out as much as I did except for a daily walk. So, I have not really paid much attention to what is going on with Covid-19 and the many people dealing with this all around the world. From the small snippets that I do see and not for to long, because I have a job to do by just being me and embodying these energies and transmuting older ones. It seems to be getting worse, because many people want to keep parading around like they used to do. Living the same life and holding onto their precious everyday normal habits, they do not want to stop living in the same way(s) that they did. The problem with that is You cannot evolve by doing, thinking, feeling, and living the exact same shit you were before and in the same ways.” It has completely confused me. I myself have had to evolve to greater lengths this year and change my own habits, ways of thinking, ways of being, because this is what is going on right now. More evolution. I had to go deep inside of myself at an even greater depth this year and admit to specific emotions, feelings, that needed to be corrected and released. Along with traumas, pains, wounds, belief(s) and systems that I was holding onto. How could I have evolved if I did not change all of those things? 

What is happening in many countries right now is that many are refusing to make the changes within themselves, changes with their habits, changes with what they value, amidst a worldwide pandemic. Which is why they are “choosing” to cross over and leave at this time because they want no part in all of this secondary stage stuff. There are those who are habitually still re-creating the good old times. I don’t want to re-create old anything anymore. I want to create the 5D heaven on earth world. Which is why I did my work! Imagine, having to deal with your own stuff 24/7 instead of ignoring it and pushing it to the side in pursuit of external pleasures and addictions. How dare anyone, anything, even a global pandemic force us to correct ourselves? The second stage is here and people need to get with the program, because we are not creating jobs, materialism, money, religion, governments, and giving our power away. We are creating the 5D higher frequency earth world. It’s going to happen whether they want it or not. 

I just want to share a few tidbits of information about how strong these Three eclipses have been. Because unlike the regular folk. I am extremely energy, light sensitive. I feel everything and I have felt everything this year. So, I’d like to share a few pains and aches that happened to me during the first two eclipse(s).

June 5/6 Lunar Eclipse

June 5th, 2020The Lunar eclipse on June 5/6th wasn’t as severe as the solar eclipse was for me, but it was still plenty painful. I ended up spending 24 hours in bed with those familiar rundown Ascension flu like symptoms. It started for me the afternoon on the 4th and I remember feeling more and more tired, more and more thirsty and dehydrated. By the time the sun went down my ears were ringing and they sounded like a loud roaring electrical engine. Then the headaches began. This headache was not a typical one. This headache turned into an all around head event which lasted for 24 hours straight. I was laid up in bed for 24 hours straight feeling run down, with a headache, head pains, pressures, that extended all around my head in various points. For 24 hours straight this would not ease up, let up, and I have experienced these gosh awful head pains before, but never for over an entire day. I also could not get to sleep because of these energies, headaches, and pains. 

June 21 Solar Eclipse

Jun 21st, 2020: The Solar eclipse was the worst of these eclipse(s). It began a few days before it happened and lasted until June 26th. An entire week of feeling aches and pains, disoriented, couldn’t eat much, constipated, feeling like my belly was being electrocuted, like I was going to die. The first few days I was laid up in bed and drinking 8 to 9 bottles of water and still feeling constipated, no appetite, bloated stomach, and couldn’t sleep because of what I had embodied. There was one point on the 23rd where if I could die I would have, but I didn’t and here I am writing about these energies. Then on the 26th I slowly began feeling those symptoms and the intensity subside. 

Then on June 27th: I was guided to something online, that explained why I felt so incredibly crappy on June 23rd and like I could die, it all had to do with a tremor in the earth’s magnetic field. This tremor and magnetism travelled all around the world, so everyone felt this tremor in the earth’s magnetic field.

July 4/5th Lunar Eclipse

July 4th, 2020: I have felt at my best since the end of June. The only real thing that I have experienced have been a few headaches, pressure in the center of my head and on the top of my head. Other than that the lead up to and during this eclipse so far has been pain free and nothing like what I felt these energies would be.

These have been my experiences, symptoms, within the Triple Eclipse(s) for this eclipse season and how they have manifested and played out for me. I know many other Light workers, embodiers, and sensitive light beings have also felt these eclipse(s) in these ways as well. Tonight we have the last eclipse and then we are moving out of such an intense period, so take care of yourself and rest easy knowing that we are embodying more codes and lights. Most importantly, that we will be moving forward and away from anymore eclipse(s) for the time being. 

I’m going to leave the comments open for this article and please feel free to discuss what has been going on for you. 

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  1. nadazr

    Everything you said resonated with me deeeeply! June was the longest month of my 31 years of life it was as if time was stuck, it just would not end. June 21st eclipse was the absolute worst of them all. I’ve had similar symptoms, slept for 24 hrs at a time, digestive issues, aches and pains all over my body, ringing headaches like my brain was trying to split open out of my head. I even went to the doctor for a checkup but I’m “fine”. Thank you for your posts and continuous support for light workers. Your work is important and validates the intense feelings and symptoms we’ve been having since this new ascension. Thank you for making my burden easier by knowing I’m not alone. Thank you for being a bearer of truth and light in a world full of darkness. I truly appreciate you and all that you do. Thank you.

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