Early July Embodiment Pains: Sparkling Triangular Light(s) Flashing In Your Space.

Early July Wave Of Triangular Codes

The very last of the Eclipse(s) for this specific season happened on {July 4/5th}. It was surprisingly really very uneventful for me, especially on a physical level; I had experienced extreme physical pains during the first two eclipses. The only thing that I quickly noticed, was how much more tired I have been since it completed what those first two eclipse(s) started off doing. Which involved the removal of more energies and realities that were very old. The cycle is now complete. It’s done an done and done. I thought it was strange, but aside from needing more sleep. I finished embodying and releasing simultaneously, so I didn’t have very much work left to do. So, I slept. It felt really good. My body has also felt much better since entering July as well. It’s like what I had experienced in June released more fear, darkness, pains, wounds, toxins, and everything from my body. I do still have some minor aches and pains here and there, but it is a huge improvement from June and the intensity.

Just when I thought I was really going to get a longer stretch, of a break, from embodying such intense energies. Another layer quickly hit me on {July 8th}. When I woke up that morning, I began to feel the usual headaches, pains and pressures. So, I knew that I was getting hit with newer energies and that it felt new to me. Up above I have a picture and an animated gif, the reason I have both is because they show what the other cannot. The new codes, energies, light energies that I saw looked just like those Blue/White Triangular Shaped Light codes. The animated gif shows how they moved and how they sparkled, flashed almost like they were electric. What I remember about them, was how they seemed to flash like they were electrically charged. Like the light energies were literally being electrocuted. Which is funny. Considering, for most of this year I have felt like I have been electrically flashing, vibrating, shaking, sparkling and zapped like I had been electrocuted. 

It’s been two days. So, I know that we are still embodying these new to me light energies and codes or imprints. I can feel it. I can see. With what is going on now, it seems like we are getting another huge wave of these light energies being embodied not just into us. Into the collective around the world. Over the last few days there have been a few family members who have looked and felt unstable to me. I on the other hand get physically annihilated, zapped, electrocuted, I twitch, shake, tremble and feel disoriented while everything aches. However, certain family members have gone off the deep end. Again. They have completely lost their marbles and it’s because they cannot handle these energies. It drives them quite literally insane. As well as because they are not aware that they too (just like me,) are allowing these energies enter into them. It can really be hard. But, this is what is going on. It’ll be just like this throughout the year, just wave after wave and it will enter the collective. 

Don’t freak out if your feeling like everything is imploding, exploding, being destroyed and if it looks like a outright nightmare. These are the “end times” moments and this latest embodiment in early July is going to evolve more, while at the same time shifting people to other places. If your well off. Feeling good. Have a safe place to be. Remain where you are safe and knowing that you do not need to be apart of that dying world now. You can create a new one just by staying at home now. 

One thing that I do want to share is how lately; I have been experiencing more Light Energy Flashing In My Space. Over the past two days I have been feeling more tired, but I have also been seeing energies, lights, their codes, their shapes, how they move, how they look. While they are physically in my space. Not just in my space. Like extremely close to me like I can touch them, so close that they just materialize out of no where and sometimes right in front of me. I had this experience two days ago while laying down in my bed, of these electric flashing Blue/White Light Triangular Codes. I quickly remember having to get up and write down what they looked like and on what day. I knew that I was going to write about them and needed to know what day this all happened on. I’d like to share a detailed version of what I saw. 

It was a little after noon on July 8th. I was laying in my bed because I was feeling tired due to embodying light energies. The left side of my throat was also sore, so I was in and out of consciousness.

During a moment in the afternoon, while having been awake. I laid on my back doing what I normally do. Embody. When all of a sudden in the space that seemed about the length of how far my arm could extend out in front of me, there were flashes of light energies. These light energies seemed to flow in and out of the space, out of the air, within my room. I have seen light energies. I have seen shapes and structures. never, anything like this before. The strange part was that I seemed to be extremely sensitive to viewing these latest electric energies, as I kept twitching.

My right eye kept twitching. I have experienced a twitch here or there before over the years, but this has never happened like this. Not as persistent as this has happened, with this early July embodiment and latest Triangular flashing energies. So with my right eye twitching, I kept seeing flashes of Triangular shaped light energies manifest into my space and out of my space simultaneously. One second it was there and the next it was gone. It would do this and not for very long. It seemed to only last long enough for me to witness what I was embodying and then it stopped soon after. 

These have been the experience(s) that I have had with this latest Early July Embodiment period and the new distribution of these Electric Blue/White Colored Triangular Light codes. If you have also been experiencing a sudden uptake in embodiment aches, pains, don’t worry as your not the only one. This has been connected to the last eclipse and it is the first new wave of energies since that completed cycle. 

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