Living In The End Times: It Has Been Hard To Live And Breathe During 2020.

Living And Breathing During The End Times

This article is not going to be like many of my other ones. It won’t sound like any of them either. I tend to separate all of my article(s) into the various categories that I have set up on this website, such as: Energy updates, personal stories about experiences I have had on my path and etc. This week, I have so much to say and because I feel guided to say it. However, it’ll be part energy update (because I have been feeling so many thing’s now,) while also talking about how this all is really part of The Ascension Process. I’m referring to how we’re all Living and Breathing During The End Times. The end of global everything and how everything is and has been for a long time now. Money. Religion. Governments. Abuse. How the world is run. Fame. Systems (School(s), Pharmaceuticals,) as well as, the lack of correct information and complete ignorance of Ascension and what exactly is happening right now on this planet and in {2020}.

While July has not felt so incredibly painful to me. That does not mean that I have not been struggling with my own physical aches and pains, I have. It just has really felt much more calmed down since the end of June. More easier. Easier to move. Easier to live and do certain daily tasks than it was last month. However, for about a week (ever since my last article,) things are now starting to feel real uncomfortable again. It feels like in {2020} we get maybe one or two days off, then another huge wave of energy hits us, for a week or two straight, or longer. Then we finally get another day off. Only, for it to start up again. I’m familiar with this process. It just feels amplified by two this year. The energies are stronger and on a whole new level. They are more electric than before. Electric Light(s). You would think seven months in and we would be used to them already, but I am not. I don’t know any sensitive person, who is used to how these Second Stage Light Energies feel.

I started getting hit with another wave of energies last weekend. I started feeling eye twitching, seeing new light energie(s) and codes right in front of me. I had a small break for a day or two, then I woke up Thursday with massive head pain(s) and pressure(s) right in the center of my head. I knew we were experiencing newer energies, due to the fact that later that night my stomach began hurting. The digestive issues went on all day for me on Friday and then on Saturday. I’ve been more tired lately. More bouts of intense fatigue and needing to stay seated, rested and relaxed more often than usual. However, it has felt nothing like what I personally went through in June. It just hurts in a different way. At a different level than that for me at least. Everyone is always different. So, if your experiencing thing’s differently than I am. Don’t worry that it may or may not be as severe as me. It is your body doing your own personal embodying and personal work right now. 

Covid-19 and this global pandemic. I have not really spoken about this. I have mentioned it here or there in other article(s). However, it is not something that I have written about in detail and for obvious reasons. One: It is every-where you turn to and I sometimes do not want to write about that on here. Two: I have been busy doing and feeling other certain aspect(s) of my own journey that need my full attention. Three: There is so much to say about it that it would take too long. Four: I have been trying to fully understand it myself and so I have needed time to fully feel and see what is going on. Here are a few things that I do know. 

Is Covid-19 a real virus or a fake one? Yes, it is real. After much discernment. I know that it is a real virus. Is Covid-19 part of the Ascension Plan or god plan? Yes. It is connected to the Ascension process and Evolution and what we are experiencing. Will many people die from Covid-19? Many people will die. How many? I have no idea. Things and timelines are always changing. The fate of individual people are always changing by their actions. I could have died myself and I don’t have covid-19. How is Covid-19 connected to the Ascension process? It is connected because we have entered a whole new level with this thing. It is part of the end times. The end times and the end of global control, and the end of negative beings who are in control is over. Will this change the world? To a small extent. This won’t end the global zoo and animal parade. It will stop it completely for a certain time. The changes that happen will be positive. Less of those old world systems and rules will be in place. Will people take this serious? Some of the world’s population has and will continue to take this seriously. Will make changes. Look into their conscience to re-examine and make adjustment(s). The ones who want freedom and whatever they want, they don’t give a damn. It won’t stop them from doing whatever they want. Did I foresee this pandemic? No. The closest I came was last June when I kept feeling a huge shift was coming and then another one so big it was going to change multiple people’s lives. That was the December eclipse and the start of all of this. The last question that I asked myself was: Will the world get back to a state of normalcy again? Yes it will. Yes in some of the old familiar way(s) too. It will return right back to work, money, politics and etc. just at a different level than before. More separated. More divisive. until the next epidemic or pandemic world-wide event. Until, we reach a point where we have had enough pandemics to fully change thing’s. Completely.

This is what I have felt, discerned, seen and or experienced for myself. It is what I know about what is going on right now. Especially, with this Covid-19 and with some of the vision(s), thoughts, gust instincts that I have received. 

I have both loved and loathed living and existing right now, in this time-frame. I believe that this process is a sacred one. I adore being this person in this lifetime, doing these article(s) and embodying these energies. I have loved all the moments that I have hated and I have loved growing, experiencing life and learning all that I have about myself. However, this year has been too much for me too handle. That if I could die I would and I would be happy to not have to be here doing this anymore. It has felt that painful for me and I’m sure all of you as well. It has really hurt to be living and existing during these waves of end times. I’m so annoyed with it all. That I’d rather it all hurry up and just implode so that we can start living a better way globally, and stop doing what is a waste of our precious, time given, from birth and really start evolving and growing beyond the human beings we are today. It can be so frustrating. Mainly, because I have seen small glimpses of what the past was and also what the future can be. A return back to harmony. No egos. No power. No maniacs or psychopaths. No hatred. No separation or division. Connectedness and harmony. Coming together to literally be evolved human light beings. 

I have seen The future World that many of us have been trying to create this entire time. Where everyone is living in harmony with everyone else and in harmony with god and the universe. Where the future human species are so evolved, that they are not Human beings anymore. They are Human Light Beings. The land and continents will look vastly different and the earth will be lighter and brighter too.

There will be little to no upheavals and that also correlates to the earth herself. The earthquakes, tsunamis, the natural events that we are experiencing will not happen like they do now. They will be able to control the weather through their thought’s. There really won’t be any need to experience those natural events either. No-one needs a trembling earth, or excessive heat and or cold. When it’ll be aligned and connected completely. In sync all as one. 

Disease will be a thing of the past (where we are presently) and already we are living longer despite the many various illness that keep cropping up. Thanks to the toxic foods, drinks, lifestyles we live and all because those in control like it that way. In the future earth all will clearly be able to see what their issues are and control them themselves directly. There will be no medicine. No mental issues. They will look within and self-heal on a psychic level. Something, that I have been trying to do myself. Just by focusing and changing it through thoughts. They’ll be so evolved that they can be anywhere at any time, choosing their deaths and when and how or if it is the right time for them to cross over. Death will not be like it is now. No mourning. A celebration of life and no extreme grief. Similar to how it is starting to be perceived here. 

Men in the future earth world are in harmony with women and the feminine. No abuse. No ego trips and power struggles. No division of male and female aspects. Sharing of one another in a way where actual love is involved and a genuine emotional bond. Unlike the toxic relationships we have on earth right now. They’ll be able to choose when they want children. Women will be able to control when they get pregnant. Not live in fear of becoming pregnant unless they are on the pill. Males to. Will not live in fear and needing protection because of not wanting to have children yet. 

They will share resources and foods. Their foods look healthier and organic and not inorganic or tampered with. They’re so psychic. That they’ll be able to telepathically communicate with one another, with anyone, anywhere around the world. No technology and that inorganic stuff messing with their body and systems. No money. No governments. They will know how to self govern and live by the laws of Light. This is the future world that I have seen and it will be so much better, it will manifest a lot faster to the more we help to create it. 

Yes, Covid-19 is currently part of our global consciousness, It is currently shifting and changing a lot of thing’s. It is a huge event that is bringing on the “End Times” and making it possible, for us to stop doing, what has been normal and to create a new normal. Which is why it looks like everything is being destroyed, annihilated, it looks messed up, there is a lot of confusion, lack of resources for all and soon this will be changed and for the better. This is a wave of “End Times” and this will keep happening until those negative entities, E.T Beings, and people in control are dismantled and destroyed completely. Whether they like it or not.

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