End Of July Energy Shift: A Few New Flashing Triangle, And New Diamond Light Codes.

End of July New Flashing Light Energy Codes

Yesterday, on July 26th. I was quickly notified by my Guardian Angel, while suddenly needing to go lay down after feeling tired that morning. That “We are now travelling through the Lionsgate Portal and those energies.” As he told me this, it all started to make sense to me. Why, since Friday. As well as the last three days thing’s have felt extra tiring, strange, and unusual. 

This end of July energy shift has been manifesting rapidly and it is in full mode. It has been a really unusual time period for all of humanity to be living in all of this and experiencing it. Strange in how it all feels energetically. It has been very revealing, absolutely boring, very uninteresting all at the same time. Most of all, it has been very tiring (literally.) All that I have wanted to do for the past few days has been just sleep. Especially, Friday – Sunday.

I have noticed in all of {2020} when stuff starts to happen, manifest rapidly, or, thing’s look like more people and situation’s have erupted. There is a new energy, a new shift, which is seriously manifesting within the collective, at the same time – that is behind all of the chaos that we see. This is what New Light Energies do. They literally begin to shift us out of everything that we have ever known, while simultaneously helping us change some of the small thing’s. Which in time leads to those greater, much needed, gigantic worldwide transitions that we have been wanting to happen since forever. To make life on earth be a little easier than before. It just ends up looking like chaos within the masses. It looks destructive to people, riots start, protesting happens, unheard cries of abuse slowly begins to emanate from huge groups and nations of people. Not everyone understands that these moments of chaos, are energies literally pounding the insanity, darkness, absolute bat-shit crazy, lower reality, people who need to be woken up and shook from their way(s) of living. To change. To shift. Which is why we have had multiple shifts happening this year, for those people who are living in a lower world reality. Multiple New Light Energies literally shaking thing’s up. 

I remember a few years ago, how this seemed to happen to me a lot too. Except, I would feel internal eruptions and explosions, which created chaos within myself. I needed to shift and change. Which is why it was happening to me at that time. It still does as this year has moved forward. However, it is the global population of the world who are now experiencing this shift. Which is why we are repeatedly, experiencing all of these multiple new energies; suddenly erupting the world into what looks like constant turmoil. This happened again this weekend. Hurricane events, more world-wide deaths and more removal of everything old that was still living and existing in those timelines. 

We are now Travelling through the Lionsgate Portal

This, is what was clairvoyantly spoken to me yesterday morning by my guardian angel. We are crossing through this Portal. The annual Lionsgate Gateway which peaks on {8:8}, but it’s energy from the 6D Lion beings from the Sirius star system will be felt now until then. Every year they release codes, imprints, light energies, through their dimension and send it to us via the sun. A lot of these codes have been a mixture of The Diamond and Triangle Light Energies and Codes. Which is what I have seen. Diamondized and Triangulated flashing Light energies and codes. The two gifs are close to what I have seen. 

A lot of what I have seen in regards to these Diamondized and Triangulated Codes has looked like light green pastel colored like energies. The similar flashing light energies I saw early this month, were also being embodied into me and the earth as well. Especially, for yesterday morning. I have also been feeling more tired, more weak and more lower left back pain. Due to an injury I have in that area. One thing I noticed was that everybody left my reality this past weekend. My sister who is merged with a entity and her three kids, all shifted out and away from me as I was feeling and experiencing these new codes. Which I knew meant there was more alignment in my area. More alignment in me. That I was experiencing. There has been a lot more death from people, neighbors, people that I knew that I have had to deal with on a (personal) level. Which is never fun or easy. People are people. People are so important and many times it can be hard to say goodbye to those aspect(s) of ourselves. Because we all are so connected. It has been so hard and all the while, trying to keep myself alive. 

Try to glide your way through this End of July shift and Lions Gate Portal Energies with these Diamondized and Triangulated codes. If your struggling, that is okay too. Keep yourself moving forward and looking towards the next day. You and me and we will all be fine. 

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