Intersecting Timelines: Merging Events & The World As It Was In Past, Present And Future.

Intersecting Timelines & Events

Not everything is going to move forward in a straight line in life. It won’t look like thing’s are moving from point A — to point B right now with the current world climate. Which was and has been the case, during this years’ 2020 Lionsgate Portal. Along with those codes that came in rapidly and felt like it re-arranged our entire body and specific glands, nerves, cells, parts of our very souls in new ways.

All of August so far has felt slightly expansive and advanced to me. Which tells me that a lot of thing’s have changed again and for the better. I cannot believe that {2020} has looked and felt like this almost every single day of the year. But this is where we are. This too is a big part of our never-ending and constantly unfolding story. This is the future and the past all rolled up into one and we are all experiencing these events all in the present time. We undoubtedly will all remember this year, as the year that changed everything for everybody globally. This week I’ll be writing about some of these events both from the past and that is happening in the present within the future as well. I’m writing about a few experiences that I had, felt, understood, and saw on a psychic level that had me second guessing which Timeline that I was in. It felt that confusing to me. I’m writing about the current world and multiple Intersecting Timelines.

Over the last week or so and I am going to include all of {2020} in all of this too. I have noticed that we are experiencing multiple Intersecting Timelines. So, what does that all mean? This just means that multiple events from the past are bleeding through into the future and present time. They are merging and or for a better word; they are indeed colliding. A few of these connections had me so confused because I had no idea which timeline that we were in, or which one I was in. These events all looked blurred and familiar, but not from this time. It was all from another time. It looks just like the animated gif I found for this article. Two separate events twirling around in space and time, yet towards the end they merged into one big event that looks and feels like it is happening all of the time. Not in one specific time period and or event. 

Not everything is going to move forward in a straight line. We won’t experience thing’s from Point A – to Point B. Especially, not in {2020} and not in this advanced stage of the Ascension process. Right now it looks more like Point A – Point C and back to Point B and then all the way back to Point A. At times these events can repeat the same pattern, just in a different place and time. Life is Non-Linear and not Linear. Here are a few examples of some of the events that triggered these intersecting timelines.

A few experiences that I have noticed: involves the North Carolina Earthquake this past weekend, and the one that was experienced back in 1916. A second event involves the Spanish flu from 1918-1920 which was a worldwide pandemic, which is repeating again in this time period. Only this time it is Covid-19. A third event involved the 75 year anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, then as we approached the anniversary a huge explosion that looked and felt a lot like an bombing occurred in Beirut. One experience I had involved repeated psychic connections where I felt and heard explosions going off. Then I had a clairvoyant experience where I saw a Japanese man running and I could feel his terror and pain, as he was trying to escape while a bombing was occurring. 

Last week was another one of those weeks where physical movement was hard to do and if I attempted to do it I would suffer the consequences of it. This past weekend was not fun for me, it was not physically comfortable, neither did it feel painless and or easy as can be. It felt painful, it was extremely exhausting, and I felt like I was being psychically shattered into a million pieces. When I wasn’t falling in and out of sleep of course. While yes experiencing the same physical symptoms for over an entire week. This came on in the forms of (Hot flashes, extreme sensitivity (especially to people), fatigue and needing to sleep, an increase in psychic abilities, strange dreams and lots of dream work, heart movements which felt like I was having a heart attack and felt like I was dying, body aches, pains in various places, weakness, and I cannot forget the ear ringing and the increase of frequency volume.) I have felt all of this and yes it all felt this severe this past weekend.

This years’ Lionsgate Portal and those unique Diamond and Triangle Light Codes really have hit it out of the ball park. Before I share what I have experienced, I need to state that this past weekend was a huge energy clearing. I and many of you who are light embodiers and energy cleaners, we have been embodying these energies while clearing many events both from the past that are happening in the future. Which is what this Lionsgate was all about this year. New Light codes that cleared past timelines, events and negative transgressions. Here is what I physically experienced this past weekend during The {8:8} Lionsgate Portal and peak. 

Saturday August 8th, 2020:  On Saturday morning I woke up feeling tired and like I hadn’t slept enough, my thyroid was all over the place and much of the day I was in pain. I felt muscle weakness and aches all over the place. Within an hour or two of getting up I could not function and ended up crawling into bed again and slept from 11: 00 am until 4 in the afternoon. My dreams were strange. Multi-layered and various. It moved from one dream sequence to another. I had issues getting back into my body and experienced multiple events, where I struggled to connect with my body. After waking up, I still felt increased physical aches but I was hungry so I ate. I felt extremely disoriented on this day and the physical pain felt worse on the actual Saturday. 

I experienced an increase in Psychic Abilities. At one point I was not sleeping, but I was struggling to get back into my body and that is when I felt multiple people, events, occurring throughout the world. I heard multiple voices from people and even felt and heard one man thinking about shooting someone while holding a gun. 

Sunday, August 9th, 2020: On Sunday, I woke up early and I felt extremely sensitive all day long. I could not stand the energies of every single family member in the house, and I had to get out and take a walk in nature. I felt more grounded. I wasn’t as tired on this day which means I felt everything that was being handed out, including a 5.1 magnitude earthquake in North Carolina. Which spread all the way towards my physical location on this planet. After a certain period of time I began to feel better by the afternoon. I just was extra sensitive and with all the various bodily stuff that I felt, I was fried this entire weekend. 

This has been a Lionsgate Portal on a whole new level. It was also probably one of the most important ones we have had, I have never experienced so much Timeline merging and events from the past bleeding through to the present and in the future. As I understood it. We were both burning these past events and transgressions made upon the earth, while embodying new energies and codes to help correct what had been done. Not just me. Every single sensitive, psychic, light embodier was helping to clear the energies this past weekend. 

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