A Few Thing’s About September: Vision(s) Of Those Energies And More World Divisions.

A Few Vision(s) Of September 2020

I wanted to begin this article by writing what I needed to and just get into all of that fast, because it is important and I’m also not feeling well. Neither have I felt well over the past few days. However, I just needed to state this because it is so important right now. As you may know (or if you don’t know,) the planet Uranus went into Retrograde Motion on August 15th. Those who don’t know much about the planet Uranus and what it symbolizes, this planet is that planet that causes sudden events to transpire. Weird, unexpected, out-of-the-blue and this always happens at times you never thought it could or would happen. It is also a planet that causes great movements and shifts to occur. So, I’d like to share a few thing’s that happened to me a few days prior to this planet changing directions.

The entire week I felt fine. It was one of the best weeks’ that I had, leading up to the Uranus Retrograde. I felt like the embodiment process had stopped for me for a little while. I could do more. I could move more. I could organize thing’s. I felt like when we were still living and existing in Ascension Cycle One. We’re now in The Next-Level Of Ascension. Part two. Cycle Two as I have called it.

Then On Thursday. I noticed that everything electric began to turn off around the house, the internet did not work and even the phone line at home would not let anyone call through. It came back online. Then Friday, I had something to do that I dreaded doing. As I got there. They were also having issues with their system being down and they would call me to tell me what was going on when it went back online for them. Around 4:00 pm in the afternoon, they called me and informed me that what I was there for, was not necessary because I had already finished what I needed to do. This shifted me and my timeline to the point where; I no longer had to go down to that awful place and deal with it any longer. I am free now to move on. Saturday Uranus went Retrograde. I started to feel empowered, angry, annoyed, and severely pissed off by the world and all of the moronic thing’s that were going on. I could see and feel all the thing’s that had trapped me severely. How, everything negative was really attacking me. 

That is what happened to me and as we approached the New Moon. As for this week. I’ve felt more increased Crown Chakra Embodiment of Light Energies and Codes. Which was coming from this New Moon. I have felt more periods of needing to suddenly burst out into tears and an increased need to sleep more during the day the last few days. My dreams have been all over the place, with embodiment downloads happening to me while in other places while out of body. In dream states. Along with more attacks in my dreams.

A few thing’s about September 2020 though. I’ve had a lot of Clairvoyant Vision(s) regarding September and the upcoming energies for this time period. I’ve had numerous internal sensations regarding energies, when, where they were and how far off in the future. I have written about these internal clairvoyant visions and feelings. in past article(s). Especially, when I felt them and how big they were. I immediately wrote about them last year and I will continue to for this year and beyond. For however long I can. It has felt a little touchy and strange for me to share this information now. I first began receiving these internal feelings and seeing the energies for September 2020 as early as the last eclipse in early July. However, I honestly thought that I was going to die soon. Literally all year long I have been unsure if I would be continuing my work in physicality as this person, or if I would be called onto return back to spirit. It has felt that severe. I have felt that physically impacted by everything this year. Too sensitive. It has been too much. I’m still here though.

September 2020 and everything that I felt and saw “it will be another huge month.” It will be another Point of Shift for all of humanity. Which means another huge download of all the Light Energies, Codes, Patterns, Imprints and any other word you like to use for energies. It won’t just be another important energy embodiment period. We will also experience more Division Of Worlds to a greater extent. I know many people understand this concept as Separation of World(s) amongst the Ascension Community. However, I do not really want to focus on what they do and say. I have my own terms for thing’s and Division Of Worlds suits’ me just fine. I used to refer to them as Split-Ups however there is a division of worlds going on right now. It has slowly been happening more and more for years. Two world(s) and two timelines moving in opposite directions. One a higher timeline with a peace on earth concept. The second with a concept of hell on earth and who the hell wants that anyway?

The animated gif that I chose really explains it well. There is clearly if you look at the gif a line or a line-up. As the little blue lights’ show up they begin to move and disappear into a direction. Some of them move lower than others’ and some move higher. It correlates to people moving into their specific direction(s) and realities. Those moving up are moving into the higher frequency earth world, and those moving below moving into a similar earth world with the lowest possible frequency earth. This Division Of Worlds will Divide the world once more and at another greater level than before. As we approach the September Equinox we will feel it at greater levels, which is what we have all had to deal with at this time and all year long. Here are a few important dates to know as we approach this continued Point Of Shift period.

  1. September 1/2, 2020: There is a Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo which will begin the initial shift that we will experience. This will begin the next stage of the Division Of Worlds.
  2. September 9th, 2020: Mars Retrograde In Aries. This will further create confusion amongst a lot of actions amongst many in the collective. Uncertainty about the next move. 
  3. September 12th, 2020: Jupiter Direct In Capricorn. This will further relieve the world from 6 planets in retrograde motion. this will eventually move into Aquarius, where we will be able to get some fresh air in that air sign.
  4. September 17th, 2020: A New Moon. It is also a Supermoon. When the Moon is closest to earth. Which will set up the Diamond codes and Light Energies leading up to the Equinox.
  5. September 22, 2020: Sun Enters Libra. So, begins the Fall Equinox and that initial part of the Division Of The Worlds across the world. It won’t end there either. 
  6. September 29th, 2020: Saturn Direct In Capricorn. If it wasn’t already another indication that we were going to experience a shift this September and Division of worlds. Saturn will be changing its motion. 

This is going to be a huge September. This is going to be a huge shift and transitional period. You will, we will and everyone will experience more Divisions between the worlds. Which one people are on will become more clear. Take care of yourself and your bodies right now. It continues to get more and more physically painful as each month passes by and with no real relief. Just different pains in different way(s).

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