More Clairvoyant Messages: A Relief Period In October, With More World-Wide Division.

More Important Clairvoyant Messages

If you have been feeling slightly off over the last few days starting from last Saturday, do not worry so have I. The energies started to feel extremely intense Saturday and into Sunday. By Monday, I had a headache and familiar Ascension aches and flu symptoms too. While this is not the topic for this article for this week, I did want to mention that the energies have slightly increased. We’re approaching a New Moon and so begins the Division Of Worlds at a greater level. With new codes and embodiment frustrations and pains to deal with it to. Hang in there. As this is not easy. Neither do we feel good from having to constantly feel the energies all of the time.

This week, instead of writing an article about the Late August Energy Shock Wave and doing a physical update on these energies. Which include feeling the effects of more global earth weather patterns, hurricanes, and other earth related sensitivities. I want to focus on some information that was shared with me via messages, clairvoyant images from a 5D Female Light Being or Familiar. I have had communication with this female higher light being from the 5D since I was 15 years old. On and off. Where she has shared personal information, psychic images and messages with me. This article is important because it is about informing people about what is currently going on right now in 2020. What will unfold in September basically is all about The Division Of The Worlds

Back in 2005 when I was 15 years old I used to go to this small park near by my house. It wasn’t too big, but it wasn’t too small either. It had one entry way and it was always hidden from view. This was my favorite place in the world to go to, especially for a young kid who wanted some peace and quiet. I had an extremely toxic family life and also used it to escape the lunacy of what transpired on a daily grind. From time to time I’d receive Telepathic Clairvoyant Images and Messages from a 5D Higher Dimensional Light being. A Familiar as I call them. A familiar in the sense that I knew them before I incarnated here on this earth, before I was this person. She felt familiar to me. This all took place while I was 15 and at this park.

In one of these Clairvoyant Images that this familiar female Higher Light being from the 5D showed me, she stood beside the world and then she showed me two doors. At the time I didn’t understand it. I was 15, but I remember receiving those images and messages. Now at the age of 30. Exactly, 15 years later. I understand what she was showing me and why. Two doors. Two choices. Two worlds. One world ascending into a world filled with light, compassion, universal understanding of evolution and those laws. Another world, seriously descending into hate, greed, money and personal selfishness which will lead to destruction of themselves and that world. These messages and images mean more to me 15 years later, mainly because it is happening right now. In 2020 in Cycle Two Of The Ascension Process.

These aren’t the only times that I have received these kinds of messages, clairvoyant images and sensations. There have been countless Clairvoyant Images and Messages sent my way this entire year. Letting me know how I would feel. What the reason was behind the intensification this year. As well as similar messages from the same Light Being from the 5D, she usually stands above the world during these messages to me. Letting me know what would be happening for me personally. My family. As well as the world at large. Here are a few thing’s that she shared with me and even thought they are slightly personal. I’ll share them with you. 

In March of this year. I was laying down in my room at night after experiencing some more intense, physical aches and pains. Which had been happening for a while. It got intensely worse just before the new year started. Mainly, because we had shifted into a new Ascension Cycle. Cycle Two. Anyways … I had been lying in my bed when this Familiar 5D Female Light Being, began telepathically communicating with me. She told me that the world was going through an intense time, many would die. I remember that part the most because I felt for a slight moment, all of the pain and suffering, from those who were dying and those who were losing members of their family. Such pain. Immense anguish all around the world. Then she told me that in October I would be feeling better. To watch out for October because thing’s would be easing up. This was a two part message that was conveyed to me; One: that the world’s population was leaving and more would leave. Two: To watch out for October as thing’s would shift and become slightly easier and or less intense as it was before. 

This message from this Female 5D Light Being became increasingly more profound to me, important and accurate to me once I learned that a few Light workers, embodiers and sensitive beings were also reporting the same thing. That they to, were told that October thing’s would lessen up. So, it got me thinking. What would be happening in October that would make this Female 5D Light Being let me know in or by October thing’s would feel slightly better? Why The Division Of Worlds of course. She never specified whether everyone would be feeling that shift, that easiness. She said I would feel better around that time. However, if other people are being told the same thing I imagine a few or the majority of us would start to feel like thing’s are easing up. 

As we transition into September we’re going to experience greater minor and major energy embodiment pains, shifts, shifts in consciousness, more fatalities due to Covid-19, other deaths due to diseases, more division amongst the populations (because we’re not all moving into the same world.) Many of us have never been living on or in the same world reality. This is going to change a lot of thing’s for a lot of people, because it will be undeniable to a lot of people that something or multiple thing’s are not right with people that they know. Family members. Friends. Everyday people. Colleagues. Bosses. Public figures. It’s going to look like the world population is going absolutely insane, half of us who are normal will think the other half  have completely lost it. This isn’t just in America. This is in every country all around the world. It’s the division of the worlds and it is here now at a new level, in our faces for us to witness. 

Those who remain true to themselves and live through their hearts will glide through this time easier, those who cannot remain in their heart and live from them will find this time period extremely hard on them. Thing’s are going to get much harder and easier, a mixture of both. Take good care of yourselves at this time. Treat your self and your body kindly. It can feel extremely debilitating and existing through all of this, it is hard. The self care is important. The self love is too. 

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