Entering September Was Hard: Point Of No Return, Just Like I Knew It Would Be.

Leaving Awful August Into Glorious September

This week I definitely knew before I even wrote this article, that I was going to do an article about the energies. I think an Energy Update is over due by me and it works out really well to, as I have a lot to say with what I personally experienced this week and last week. I would have written this article sooner; I just couldn’t function due to being pummeled by this latest blast of solar energies. Along, with everyone still being at home and having to choose when I could do this. 

I don’t think I need to explain just how awful August was and felt for me and everybody. The entire month of August in my opinion, was one of the worst months for me this year. Aside from June and July and those eclipse(s). Which ravaged me and my entire body. I have never been so exhausted before in my entire life and I’m sure a lot of you reading this also felt the the exact same way. It was so gut wrenchingly painful, tiring, annoying, physically restricting and mentally exhausting. For much of the month I hated every second of being physically incarnated in my current body. The physical traumas, pains, aches, releasing, hurts, mental anguish and emotional scars I went through alone. It’s a wonder I and many of you have not died yet ourselves. It’s been rough as hell. Now with all of that said it was also one of the most profound, advanced, important and much needed energy shifts that we all needed to experience. It was hard but the push and shove was necessary for many of us, mainly to quickly figure ourselves out and release what was no longer needed. Those pushes and shoves were also about, figuring stuff out that was not yet known by us. We needed to know these thing’s and experience them so that we could be in the know and no longer being left in the dark about such matters. Whatever it was that we each needed to know individually.

In Late August we got slammed with Solar Energies. That is what I felt and know. Most of the energies we do receive come from the sun. Other energies come from eclipse(s) and our Moon, our planets’, Astrological transits, along with other planetary systems, E.T beings, other universes, and the Milky Way. So, if you found yourself getting hit with energies since the end of August. Your experiencing Solar transmissions from the sun. The sun has changed this year. Have you noticed how when you go outside and then stand in the sun, how much easier it is for you to just get more tired more quickly than before. How much easier it is to get effected by it. It got stronger. It got brighter. It got more lighter too. The color got whiter. The sun also has been crackling and bustling and making more noise this year than ever before. I wanted to share this information earlier this year in May. I experienced it just unleashing, erupting, exploding during that time with powerful Solar Light Energies. I never wrote about it because I was in too much pain at the time. However, I did notice that we had entered a stream of Light that engulfed the earth then. Which I slowly noticed is happening again. On/Off at times.

Most of these Solar Light Energies and Solar Transmissions from the sun caused me to feel downloads, upgrades, and embodiments in my crown chakra area, entering my head. You also might have felt those head pains, aches, migraines, headaches, sinus issues, whole body aches and the sudden need to just pass out asleep and almost go into a coma. 

Here are a few experiences with regards to the latest Solar Energies, which hit me and all of us in Late August, just as we were about to shift into the month of September. Along, with that Full Moon. We officially entered the point of no return. The physical Division of World(s) has begun once again and it is going to physically divide those into those two earth world realities and frequencies. Descending earth and Ascending earth. 

The very moment that we entered September; I felt a slight shift occur that felt smoother, easier, painless and less dense. However, that was not the case during the last few days of August and that entire last week was the hardest thing I have ever lived through. 

Towards the end of August that was an entire different story. I had noticed many times that as we reached the end of the month; I would physically feel more exhausted, in pain, aches, and it got really hard to function. This has been like this for all of 2020 so far. August included. The very last week of August I had never felt anything like what I did. Aches in my bones, muscles, ears ringing louder than normal. When I felt tired I was dead exhausted. I would pass out and I felt like I was in a coma. Every time I tried to get out of sleeping I would get pulled back into sleeping. My dreams were extremely weird. I was also embodying in my dream state, having dreams of embodying energy. I had never had that experience before. Where I was embodying and dreaming about embodying. 

The mental Symptoms occurred for me where I was disoriented. I was confused. I was ruminating about old hurts and pains and feeling really angry. I was releasing all of those pains that I have kept within my very physical being for years. I was either passed out or feeling angry about some kind of past hurt. While simultaneously releasing that. While my emotions were off the charts up/down.

I called it Glorious September for a reason. As soon as we experienced that blast, and it literally transported all of those negative emotions and feelings trapped inside of me, then pulled it all out. I entered into September and the Full Moon feeling freer than ever before. More calm. More in control. More empowered and stronger than ever. A little ticked off. However, so much better.

This is what I experienced and have continued to experience since we have entered September and left awful August behind. This feels better, but we still have a lot to go through this month. The fall Equinox, Mars Retrograde, Jupiter goes Direct and we have a New Moon that is a Supermoon. Release what you feel you need to and move forward without hesitation everyone. 

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